Whitewash City:
For those of us who may not be great model builders, but still want great looking models!
The Imperial Saloon is a typical Whitewash City PDF model product: an authentic Wild West building, with authentic floor plans, high quality artwork, and is very easy to build.

Whitewash City PDF models are 30mm (1/60th) scale building models that come with complete 30mm (1/60th scale) floor plans of every floor, of every building, so you do not have to use up your time drawing them! Just print and play! But, if you need that perfect floor plan to match your scenario or campaign game, just printout the blank floor plans that come with each Whitewash City PDF model file and create your own! We make it simple for you no matter what your needs may be! You will save hundreds of hours with Whitewash City! All artwork is in full color AND black line art, with the color art calibrated to give you great grayscale printouts! Choose the printing option that best suites your needs or budget!

To download the Imperial Saloon PDF File
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The Imperial Saloon

NOTE: file size: 839k (.zip)
Acrobattm is required to read/print this file.

If you have a suggestion for a Whitewash City model that you would like to see as a future release, please contact:
Eric Hotz