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Game Night Photo

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of the finished dioramas. The Klondike town diorama project only involves my participation for the first three classes out of a total of 8 classes. My job was to help the students understand how to make card stock building models, and the remaining 5 classes, which deals with airbrushing, terrain making, and miniatures figure painting. I do, however, have many photos of the Roman town the students built, which is was a similar project. These were upscaled Roman Seas PDF building models, rescaled from 6mm to 20mm scale and used as a teaching tool for learning about the Roman empire. The students had to build PDF card stock models, then make the diorama, in this case it measured 4x4-ft in size. The students then had to airbrush, sculpt, grass, paint, the surface, and also paint plastic 20mm scale miniatures. This was a two month project, one 3-hour class a week. The students also had to write essays and read them out in front of their peers, and write tests. Its not all fun and games, but the classrooms as a whole, are never seen as a chore. The students are far too involved and enjoying themselves, and learning, about history.