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Knuckleduster Publications: the Cyber-Home of Knuckleduster Publications, Purveyors of Fine Western Games, Books and Miniatures. Books: Cowtown Creator: a step-by-step guide to creating an Old West cowtown (a must for ALL RPG/Miniatures gamers, but also a very interesting read for those who are interested in the old west!); Firearms Shop: an excellent reference book of firearms of the Victorian/American Old West era. Be sure to check out their Miniatures Section for painted Wild West miniatures for sale. This alone makes the visit worth while to either just look and get ideas from, or to purchase!

Paper Pow Stationery: Paper Pow is Stationery is your alternative selection of unique, fun and artistic stationery designs: featuring the Wanted Poster. A must for the cowboy who needs to owns everything that is the wild west -- a great idea for all old west enthusiasts!

Arnica, Montana: High Quality Wild West Resin Models:
If card stock buildings don't appeal to your tastes, then why not go with the high quality Wild West resin caste building models of "Arnica, Montana". These are some of the best, well priced, Wild West resin model buildings on today's market.

A Fistful of Westerns: is a great source of information on the Spaghetti Western films. This is a well presented website with a nice overall theme and feel.
Spaghetti Western Filming Locations A very unique website that deals with locating original filming location of spaghetti westerns in Spain. This must have taken the author a long time to put together -- I take it he spent many of his holidays in Spain. The only down side to this website is that its either in Japanese or Italian, but its mostly in Japanese. However, its still very interesting to look through. We rank this website 9 out of 10 stars, just for originality. Very nice!

Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture: A nice website dealing with the history of film. Go to: In Focus: Western Films. This website is well worth a look! Also take a look at: 30 Great Western Films.

The Gold Ledge: The proprietors of The Gold Ledge are passionate about recreational prospecting, rock hounding and history. The purpose of the website is to present both useful and arcane information about these topics in an entertaining magazine format. Worth a look just for the photos of the old buildings and artifacts! Their passions are gold mining, metal detecting, rock and gem collecting and history. They're there to inform and entertain you with today's news in their area, as well as tales about people and places of the past.

A Most Merrie and Illustrated History of the Gunfight at the OK Corral. A humorus, historically accurate, cartoon/story view of the goings on at Tombstone, Arizona during that fateful year, 1881. Well worth a look and a read. is an Online Western bookstore that stocks tons of interesting western themed items and hard-to-find stuff. Come on in and browse the shelves of The Gunfighter's Book & Magazine Emporium. You'll find great publications pertaining to Western History, Shooting, Gunfighters, and Western Living.

Old West Living History Foundation: The Old West Living History Foundation is dedicated to the men, women, children and organizations who keep the historical and cultural heritage of the American Frontier alive through their LIVING HISTORY events, exhibitions, reenactments and performances of the OLD, WILD and WOOLY WEST.

Old West: Large website dedicated to anything and everything dealing with the Old West -- literally hundreds of links to various Old West themed websites. We found it very interesting to surf from here!

Cockeyed Frank's (Cowtown West): The Cowtowns West website contains links to to some of the most famous and infamous names of the west: The Masterson brothers, Clay Allison, Doc Holliday, Wild Bill Hickok, Ben Thompson, John Wesley Hardin, Wyatt Earp to name just a few. These were hard men in a hard land. Follow some of them through their lives.

Barkerville: This is one of the best ghost towns to visit while in British Columbia, Canada. In 1862, Barkerville was the location of one of the richest gold strikes in North America, and by 1870, was the largest town west of Chicago and north of San Francisco. The town is located 10 hours North of the City Vancouver, B.C., Just 50 miles east of Quesnel, and was restored for British Columbia's centennial celebration in 1958. It continues to be upgraded and improved and now features over 100 buildings. Its a place where you could easily spend three or four hours just walking around -- it has stores, two restaurants, stagecoach rides, and even a bakery! See Barkerville at: Official Website.

Wild West Movie Studio Town CL Western Town Studio and Back lot is located in Alberta, Canada, and has seen its share of western movies and TV shows including (but not limited to): Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights (1999/2002; starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson), High Noon (2000 starring Tom Skerritt), Little Big Man (1970; starring Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway and Chief Dan George), to name just a few. Looks a lot like Whitewash City!

Heritage Park, Calgary Alberta, Canada!: This is probably the best, and by far, the largest open air, living heritage park in Canada. You can literally spend an entire day here. This is a history theme park of Western Canada (Calgary) before 1914 and contains full size buildings, working vintage train locomotives and train cars, as well as a Hudson Bay trading fort, a paddle wheel boat, residential homes and a full size homestead farm. An incredible park and a must see for any visitor to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
     Park Photos in Winter: Heritage Park
     Interactive Map of Heritage Park: Interactive Map
     Heritage Park Trains: Trains

Fort Steele: Fort Steele Heritage town is a restored 1890's pioneer boomtown, with over 60 heritage shops and display buildings. Popular summertime features include the Wild Horse Theatre and living history street dramas, a steam railway, horse-drawn wagon rides, blacksmith, harness maker, and domestic interpretation. Nestled between the majestic Rocky and Purcell Mountain Ranges in the southeast corner of British Columbia, Fort Steele is open year round, with programming in effect and food service available from early May through Canadian Thanksgiving (October). A variety of special events occur year round.

Deadwood, South Dakota: Where legends live. A great website about the Wild West town of Deadwood, South Dakota (museum and home). Well worth a look.