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Wild West models building that only cost $1.50 (Canadian$)/$1.15 (US$) each to print onto card stock and assemble! For scales larger than 30mm, the cost goes up to around $2.50 (Canadian$)/$1.90 (US$) per building! At these prices, you can build an entire town for under $50, which makes Whitewash City PDF card stock building models an amazing solution for making a quick, easy and inexpensive town.

Whitewash City PDF building models are based on the real historic west. You can print and build as many models as you need. All building model PDF files include complete floor plans to scale for actions occurring within the buildings. If you are looking for professional quality western paper/card-stock models, that print high quality regardless if you reduce or enlarge the final printout size, Whitewash City is for you!

Whitewash City models are designed for model displays, railroad displays, tabletop games such as Gutshot, The Rules With No Name, Fistful of Lead, time traveling, or miniatures wargaming! You can print the models onto paper, card-stock, or onto full-size label sheets (to be affixed to poster-board/foam-core, heavy cardboard, etc). Whitewash City models are highly detailed, historically accurate, and are designed for easy, quick construction, and once built are light and durable.

Purchase the Whitewash City Mother Lode Set or Town Set on CD or as a download, and receive $15 off a Half-Size (34x45 Inch) Western Town Game mat, or $25 off a Full Size (45x72 Inch) Western Town Game Mat: Game Mat. For more details, send an email to: Eric Hotz.

NOTE: Whitewash City PDF models, and their layout and design, are copyrighted by Eric Hotz. Reproduction of the models, or their layout and/or design, in any medium, is only permissible for personal (non-profit) use.