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The Whitewash City News Office

August 4th, 2017

New Building Models are in the Works:
I have been putting together a new 10-PDF model set of buildings. Several of the new building models were created for an educational company that bought sets of the final hard copy printouts on 100lb card stock for their students to assemble. These models were used as a teaching tool for a Klondike history (1898) class and proved immensely popular with students and teachers alike. This also means that the building models have been thoroughly tested. Several of my customers were given the new PDF building models to build and all liked the new additions to the Whitewash City series.

I built a set of Whitewash City building models for myself in 40mm scale. In 40mm (1/40th scale), assembling an entire PDF building file cost around $2.50 (Canadian $)/$1.90 (US$) each, keeping in mind that some PDF building files contain 2-3 buildings, not including sheds and privies. This makes Whitewash City building models extremely affordable and a good looking option. Even when 20 buildings models are carried together, in their carrying boxes, they weigh almost nothing, which is superb when you are transporting an entire town, with all your miniatures, dice and rules etc., to game nights or game conventions.

August 3th, 2017

Website Updated:
I have been updating the design and function of the Whitewash City website for over a year, as the older site had been showing its age for quite a while. The new Whitewash City website is mostly complete with only a few pages still requiring additional updating. Overall, the most important work is complete.

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