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The Whitewash City Town Set!

Order Whitewash City Town Set (product item: 251001) and receive ALL 45 Whitewash City PDF model files (makes 83 building models from small privies and tents to large stores and houses all with complete 30mm, 1/60th scale floor plans!), AND your choice of 12 FREE Add-On Kits AND have them all placed onto a CD and mailed directly to you via Airmail for ONLY $50.00 (USA dollars).

Ordering either Town Set gives you the Whitewash City PDF building models at less than $1 a piece!
"FREE Shipping Worldwide" on all Whitewash City PDF file orders totaling $12.99 or more!

"Whitewash City CD Jewel Case Cover"
We take extra care with your CD Order:

1) Your order will be placed onto a CD (CD ships with attached CD label).

2) CD comes in a jewel case with full color cover (see photo left).

3) All orders are shipped via Canada Post Airmail.

4) All orders are encased in sturdy packaging to ensure that your CD reaches its final destination in pristine shape.

NOTE: If desired, you may place other purchases, from 2-D Floor Plans, and Whitewash City PDF files on the same CD. You only have to purchase one CD.

"Whitewash City CD Label"

Ordering Multiple CD's
When you order two or three CD's at once, you ONLY have to purchase ONE CD/Shipping option! All CD's must ship in the same package and go to the same address. We have had several people request purchasing two or three CD's for friends as gifts, etc. For larger orders than three CD's, please request a quote.

Do you need all your Whitewash City purchases, including your previous orders, all on one CD?
If you bought Whitewash City products in the past and want to purchase more, you can have your new order AND your previous order(s) placed onto the same CD. It makes sense that you would want ALL your Whitewash City PDF files on the same CD. You just have to pay for your new PDF files AND purchase CD/shipping, and we will include all previous orders onto the same CD at no extra charge!

Purchase the Whitewash City The Mother Lode Set or The Town Set on CD or as a download, and receive $15 off a Half-Size (34x45 Inch), $25 off a Full Size (45x72 Inch), or $35 off a Double-Size (72x96 Inch) Western Town Game Mat: Game Mat. For more details, send an email to: Eric Hotz.