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Shipping Option: Have your Whitewash City PDF files placed onto a CD and have it shipped to destinations within North American (Canada and the USA). You will be billed $3.50 (US $$) per CD.

ALL CD orders totaling $12.99, or more, ships FREE worldwide!

"Whitewash City CD Jewel Case Cover"

"Whitewash City CD Label"

"Whitewash City Mailing Envelope"

We take extra care with CD Orders:

1) Your order is carefully placed onto a CD.
2) All CD orders ship with a full color cover and jewel case.
3) All CD orders have an attached CD label.
4) All CD orders are shipped First Class Airmail.
5) All orders are encased in sturdy packaging to ensure it reaches it's final destination in pristine shape.
6) All packages are stamped with the Whitewash City Overland Stage and Express and the Whitewash City Express Mail Date Stamps.

Ordering Multiple CD's
When you order two or three CD's at once, you ONLY have to purchase ONE CD/Shipping option! All CD's must ship in the same package and go to the same address. We have had several people request purchasing two or three CD's for friends as gifts, etc. For larger orders than three CD's, please request a quote via e-mail from us. We are flexible and can offer great deals

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact: Eric Hotz