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Scaling Your Printouts

Whitewash City PDF building models are designed for use with 28mm/30mm miniatures (1/54th scale), but since the PDF models are rendered in vector art, your printouts can be enlarged or reduced in size without the print quality suffering. When rescaling your printouts, use the below table to determine the percentage of reduction or enlargement to set your printer. Enlarging your printouts may mean using the services of Staples or Office Depot but both are inexpensive with each PDF model costing around $2.50 (Canadian $) ($1.90 (US$)

Card Stock
It is recommended that you use 100lb card stock and print using a laser printing as this will give you the highest quality standard, yielding the best results, and your printout will not be effected as much by moisture. Staples and Office Depot carry 100lb card stock paper. The most common method used by our customers is to printout onto high quality 20lb paper and then spray glue the printout onto 65lb or 100lb card stock. This gives excellent results.

Printing Costs
The cost to print onto 8.5x11 inch card stock at Stales or Office Depot is around 60 cents per sheet, whereas printing onto 100lb 11x17 inch card stock is around $1 per sheet. This translates into one PDF building file, not including floor plans, for 8.5x11 inch costs around $1.20, while 11x17 inch is around $2.50 (Canadian $) ($1.90 (US$).

This means that a single building, printed to 1/40 Scale (with use with 40mm miniatures) will cost around $2.00. Needless to say, this is incredibly inexpensive when compared with other building models on the market, especially when compared with wood or resin buildings and with card stock, your entire town of 25 buildings will cost under $50 as many Whitewash City PDF model files include 2-3 main buildings along with sheds and out buildings.

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