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The Whitewash City Pioneer Set
The Whitewash City Pioneer set includes 10 PDF Building Sets, which contain a total of 15 individual builds models. All buildings come with complete floor plans rendered to scale. Although all Whitewash City PDF models sets are rendered at 1/60th scale (30mm), they can be printed out to almost any scale. For more intormation, click on the Scaling button found in the website's main consol (above).

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Purchase the Whitewash City The Mother Lode Set or The Town Set on CD or as a download, and receive $15 off a Half-Size (34x45 Inch), $25 off a Full Size (45x72 Inch), or $35 off a Double-Size (72x96 Inch) Western Town Game Mat: Game Mat. For more details, send an email to: Eric Hotz.

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