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Customer Ideas Page

We have had a number of suggestions and ideas sent in from customers on how to improve or add to the enjoyment of building and using Whitewash City models. We have actually implemented a number of these ideas and are always open to new ones. Here are two ideas that we thought deserved to be shared with everyone:

1) Allan Seyberth sent us his 25mm hex grid in PDF file format. In his words, it's just a simple 25mm hex pattern. Print out on a transparency and viola - instant hex overlay for the Whitewash City floor plans. We offer Allan's Hex Grids here, for FREE, in four formats:

    a) 22mm Hex Grid with light lines Click Here (file size: 8k)
    b) 22mm Hex Grid with heavy lines Click Here (file size: 8k)
    c) 25mm Hex Grid with light lines Click Here (file size: 7k)
    d) 25mm Hex Grid with heavy lines Click Here (file size: 7k)

2) Mike Mitchell of Gut Shot! miniatures rules/website. Mike wrote is with a very interesting suggestion:
   I read a tip in a Model Train magazine that might be of interest to you. It's possible to print your buildings onto T-shirt transfers (Haynes makes some), and then you can trim your plans and iron then onto balsa wood, then cut and glue the balsa pieces together. Two people I know who have tried this claim that it works very well for small signs and such, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for your plans, as well.
   Disclaimer: We haven't tried the T-shirt transfer method yet, but we will try it very soon. Sounds like a good idea to us!

3) Custom Window Approach: Cutting out the windows and replacing them with mylar/acetate has been suggested to us many times by customers. This is a lot of work, and requires skills that lean more towards modeling than gaming, but it can improve the model's appearance. It is a lot of work and such an attempt is really up to the individual. Personally, we feel that its not really necessary.

4) Plastic Card Construction: Many people have written to say that they use foam core as a building material to construct their Whitewash City building models, but Matthias Stein (from Germany) uses plastic card. Matthias allowed us to use a few of his images from his website (website) to show how he used plastic card with his Whitewash City PDF models, and how it looks once a model has been completed. To view a few of Matthias images, Click Here.

5) Whitewash City Piano: Submitted by: Tom Herrschaft. Download and build a 28mm scale piano for use with your Whitewash City floor plans: Whitewash_Piano.pdf (120k PDF File).