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Welcome to the Whitewash City Games Rules Links Page! Listed below, in alphabetical order, are well over 100 game rules systems and expansions that are, or were, available on market in print, PDF, HTML, etc. At least 40 Wild West skirmish games have been published over the last 25 years in various forms (magazines, convention hand-outs, books, etc), but have either long since been out of print or have simply been lost to time. All Wild West Rules and RPG games are listed on this page reguardless if they are still available for purchase or not. This page represents the Ghost Town of Gaming Rules.
Wild West Wargame Rules: Commercially available in print or e-published (PDF)
FREE Wild West Wargame Rules: Available for downloading in PDF or HTML format
Wild West RPG (Role-playing Rules): In print or e-published in PDF or HTML format

If you know of a set of Wild West rules, in print or not, that deserves to be listed here, please contact us: Eric Hotz

This page was last updated on: July 30th 2017

Wild West Rules
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There are a number of published wild west wargames on the market that are either are: ePublished (ie PDF file format) or Offset/Laser Printed. Many of these games are in print, while others are out of print, but still may be available from eBay.

A Good Day to Die (Wargame)
Written by Chris Peers. A set of skirmish rules for 19th Century tabletop gaming including the Wild West and Plains Indians conflicts. We were originally informed about this game a year ago, but it took this long before we could locate the Online seller. Once at the Online store, it took an additional 10 minutes to locate the publications in a predominantly miniatures environment. Do all Online stores make their potential customer jump through this many hoops to locate their purchases? There are two known additional books in this series and these are: "War in the Plains" and "War in the Forrest", each dealing with Indian warfare.

And Continually Wear the Blue: A Short Guide to the U.S. Army & the 'Indian Wars' 1850-90 (Wargame Supplement)
Published in 1989 by RAFM-- written by Mike Gilbert and Greg Novak. Extensive details on unit organizations for the U.S. Army forces, as well as some of the opposing Native American contingents. Includes several scenarios and a mini-campaign. These Rules Are Listed As: No Longer Available.
This book is a supplement to game rules book: Yellow Ribbon

Blackwater Gultch: Gang Fights In The Old West (Wargame) Blackwater Gulch is a tabletop skirmish game based on the Wild West. Whether it's a showdown at the corral, a brawl in the saloon, a dust-up in the mines, or a chase through the outskirts, Blackwater Gulch is action-packed, fast, and fun!

Bugles, Boots N' Saddles (Wargame)
Written by Larry Brom. A set of skirmish level (1:1 ratio) rules allowing for the recreation of the hundreds of small unit actions on the American Plains in the late 1800s. U.S. Army forces consist of 16 figure half-platoons, with 65 figures (2 platoons) as a company. The Plains Indians are divided into "war-bands" of unknown strength until they enter the table. Ground scale is 3" = 25 yards and 12" = 100 yards. Special characters are also considered; Indian Scouts, Frontier Scouts, Shamans, Teamsters, News Correspondents and European Military Observers.

Code of the West (Wargame)
These Rules Are No Longer Available. Wild West Skirmish rules, published by Melees Gloriosus. I have been told that these rules are fairly simple to learn and play.

Cowboys & Gunslingers (Wargame)
Reaper Miniature's wild west game is a set of data cards and special rules so you can use with their Cowboys Boxed Set. The rules are FREE to download and use.

Cowboys: The Way of the Gun (Wargame)
Cowboys is Worthington's game of the Old West when the way of the gun ruled the day. 2 - 10 players will be able to shoot it out in 10 - 60+ minutes. The game features stand-up Cowboy counters with plastic bases. The box, boards, and all components feature full color artwork by Gary S. Zaboly. 26 historical and Hollywood style scenarios are included and depict gun fights, bank robberies,lynch mobs, cattle rustling, jail breaks and many other western actions. Six double sided geomorphic map boards are used to create the look of the Old West.

Cowboy Wars!(Wargame)
Cowboy Wars is a set of Man-to-man skirmish level gunfight miniatures rules and a whole lot more! Sold by: Old Glory. Old Glory also sells a wide range of:28mm scale Old West miniatures characters to populate your Western town including: Texas Rangers, Indian Renegades, Bank Robbers, the Local Ladies, Rustlers, The Cattle Baron and his men, the Town Sheriff and his Posse, Buffalo Hunters, Guns for Hire, and European Hunting Parties, and includes mounted AND dismounted characters, which is great for any wild west skirmish game. They also have the starting's of a line of Wild West buildings models.

Deadlands! The Great Rail Wars (Wargame)
The Great Rail Wars, players pit heroes and posses of metal miniatures against each other in battles to determine the fate of the Weird West and possibly the entire world. It's a fast-playing and easy-to-learn skirmish-level game set in the richly detailed and exciting background of the hit Deadlands role-playing game (see above). Information website: Click Here.

Dead Man's Hand (Wargame)
Published in 2013. DEAD MAN'S HAND is the 28mm skirmish game by Great Escape Games. Bands of tough and wily Cowboys, stoic Lawmen, ruthless Outlaws and crazy Desperados fight for fame and respect in the Old West. Information website: Click Here.

Deguello! (Wargame)
Published by: Two Hour Wargames. Deguello! In 1835, men from all over the world came together to a little mission located in the Mexican province of Texas. It was called the Alamo, and the deeds that occurred there in early March helped to shape the destiny of the United States of America. But the Alamo was only the most famous of the battles that occurred during the Texas War of Independence. And now with Deguello, you can recreate history and relive the sharp struggle for Texas independence. (Note: also see Two Hour Wargames': Six Gun Sound)

Desperado: Tom Kelly's Original Edition (Wargame)
Republished by Knuckleduster in July 2015. This is a NEW perfect bound edition of the original 1992 Tom Kelly game rules. Desperado has become the most beloved Old West miniatures game of all time. Simple and light-hearted, it is the ideal game for conventions and large groups of people who are more concerned with having fun than winning at all costs. This edition includes the original rules verbatim, with additional house rules, design notes, photos, along with painting and modeling references from Knuckleduster Miniatures.
Deperado is also available via Click Here

Desperado 3rd edition (Wargame)
Here is the advert from Desperado's website: Desperado (3rd edition) is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn, kick-in-the-pants game!! THE RULES INCLUDE: A Simple Character Generation System, An Innovative Random Card Initiative System, A Unique (Easy to Learn) Combat Chart System, A FULL range of weapons from Bow & Arrows to Buffalo Rifles; and to keep everyone jumping the rules allow you to brawl, wrestle and jump off buildings! For those really annoying characters you can even throw dynamite at them! (Don't be too close!) PLAYERS: as few as two or as many as twenty players (heck, if you have the time even more). TIME: 2 hours from start to finish (for an average game). Desperado can be over VERY fast if the dice are hot! AGE: Recommended for players 12 years and up. (Even Younger Children will enjoy with adequate supervision).

Fire and Steel (Wargame)
Written by: Mark Evans and Dave Wilson. Published in 1994 by WRG (Wargames Research Group). Although written for a wide span of time (1700AD to 11100AD) there apparently is a section for Wild West skirmish gaming in these rules. Information website (includes a full description, review, are a reference card download): Fire and Steel.

Fistful of Lead (Wargame)
Published in 2001, by Jaye Wiley, the rules book is 26 pages long (15 pages of rules and 11 pages of scenarios), measures 5.5in x 8.5in, is stapled, well laid out and professionally laser printed, contains good diagrams and photographs, and comes with four light card-stock pages of color game counters and quick reference charts. The color game counters are a little difficult to read, but that is just a minor point. The game demands no record keeping, other than having to place wound markers and out of ammo next to miniatures during a game.
For a review of Fistful of Lead: Craig Griswold's review.

Fistful of Lead Game Counters:
A more complete Fistful of Lead game counter sheet: Click Here (1.4MB TIF)

Gold Town (PDF Tile-Board Game)
Perhaps the world's only Wild West 3D Board game that uses miniatures? Fun, fast and well worth a look, Gold Town is a game that centers in the Gold Town of Whitewash City in 1873. Players play miners that have to go into town to perform tasks. Players try their best not to spend their money, but alas, a Gold Town has it's ways of taking a miner's hard earned gold. The player with the most money by the end of the game is the winner. Gold Town can be played just as a board game using the components that are provided, or they may use miniatures and even Whitewash City 3D wild west building models.

Gunfight! (Wargame)
Published by Flagship Games. Rules for Wild West Combat! Gunfight! is a new interpretation of Wild West wargaming. Using a tried combat system first found in their gladiatorial combat rules (Habet, Hoc Habet!), Gunfight! allows you to recreate everything from Main Street quick draw encounters to full blown skirmishes between cavalry and their brave Native American foes or small unit actions in the American Civil War. Play is fast and tense thanks to our Card Based Initiative System TM, and, thanks to fully proactive combat rules, no one is ever left sitting on their hands waiting for it to be "their turn". Fire fights and the effects of period weapons are faithfully recreated, all in a system that plays quickly and smoothly, even for the beginner. Go to Flagship Games website: Gunfight!

Gunfighters, Bank robbers and Villains of the Old West (Wargame)
Designed by Tom Penn; published in 1994 (for Dixon Miniatures). An exciting, fast paced game for those with guts and Imagination. Also a fun role playing game that captures the spirit of the old west. These Rules Appear To Be No Longer Available. Note: Dixons also produces a great line of Wild West miniatures.

Gunfight at Tombstone (Legends of the Far West) (Wargame)
Miniatures rules for 54mm Wild West gunfights published in Spain (I am assuming these are also published in English?). I have yet to see that they actual publish these rules, but someone claims they do -- I have my doubts: Game Review.

Gunslinger!(Board Game/Wargame; can be modified for Wargaming)
Gunslinger is a Wild West shoot'em up board game. Considered by many to be one of the finest first person gun fighter rules/game available, but by others to be too complicated and slow moving. Not sure who is really right, as I have never played the game, but the game is still popular with many people around the world. Originally published by Avalon Hill Game Company, many copies are frequently seen on eBay.

Gunslingers and Desperados! (Wargame)
Were originally published by: Tactical Command Games. Designed for 25mm miniatures, with a max # of about 15 per side. Rules for hidden movement, spotting attempts, ammunition and one-on-one old-west style gun duels are all included. Also included is a character generator for creating memorable combatants with a wide range of abilities and weapons. G&D is designed to be used with any 25mm scale figures with between 10 and 15 figures per side. Available frequently on eBay.

Gutshot! (Wargame)
Gutshot is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that has you slappin' leather and blowin' away the bad guys in a matter of minutes. At its core is a simple system for running one-on-one and small-scale combat set in the American Wild West. It is a fun game that is easy to learn and play; it combines realism, pulp fiction, and a little bit of "Hollywood" thrown in for good measure. Gutshot is a game that captures the spirit and mystique of the American Wild West as portrayed in movies, television, pulp novels, and comic books. It's the American Wild West of youth and fantasy, not history. Gutshot was first made available on Feb. 4, 2005 and was released to the public at OwlCon XXIV (2005). Gutshot's website is located at:

Hey You In The Jail! (Wargame)
Published by Peter Pig. A set of mass level skirmish game (20-100 figs a side) for their 15mm miniatures scale range: Peter Pig - Wild West. These Rules Appear To No Longer Be Available.

High Noon: Under Fire in the Wild West (Wargame)
Origins Award Nominee (1997), by Maurice V. Holmes Jr. and Leo A. Walsh (published in 1996). High Noon is a fast paced game with game turns representing between 3 to 5 seconds of real time, and games last between 20 and 40 turns. Players keep track of ammunition expenditure and reloading. Wound cards determine whether a hit inflicts a kill, serious or a minor wound, with all wounds being accumulative. The game is player driven, using an alternating turn system. Rules covers every thing that normally comes up during game play, but is also flexible enough to allow for "table rulings". The age bracket for High Noon is from 8 to adult, can handle up to as many as 30 players at once, and is simple enough for players to run the game with minimal GM supervision. Simple, fast and fun! What more can you ask for from a game? Historical and Hollywood scenarios are provided. This book is self-published and is not marketed through an Online website, or via hobby stores; copies may be purchased for $15.00 (US$) each. If interested, send queries to:

Hollywood Western Gunfight Rules (Wargame)
Hollywood Western Gunfight Rules, published in 1974. No other information is available.
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Long Knives (Wargame)
By Jim Birdseye (1985). Long Knives is a skirmish set of rules and are listed as available from Caviler Books (UK): Caviler Books

The Old West 1816-1900 (Western Skirmish Gunfight Rules) (Wargame)

These Rules Are No Longer Available. The Old West 1816-1900 (Western Skirmish Gunfight Rules) (Wargame)
By Steve Curtis, Ian Colwill, and Mike Blake (U.K.; 1970). Quite possibly the first Wild West skirmish rules ever published. A complex, or detailed (however you see it) set of skirmish rules.

Once Upon a Time in the West (Wargame)
Written by John D. Spencer and Ian S. Beck, and originally printed/published by Tabletop Games in the UK, this set of four books(?) must certainly be the most complex set of Wild West skirmish rules ever published. The first two books were published in 1978, and two more books soon followed with additional rules, weapons, scenarios, characters, etc. As a whole, the rules look formidable and complicated, which they are. However, as a reference for ideas, and for information (especially on weapons: there are 131 pistols and over 90 shoulder arms listed in the weapon section), they are well worth their weight and total, all four books combined, just over 180 pages. These pages contain more rules than you can shake a stick at. The forth book in the series contains rules for aging (do you think you will live long enough to age?), improving your skills by practicing, effects of healed wounds on your skills, the use of dogs in the game, ricochet shots, the 6th sense, drunks, playing possum, more weapons (if you thought 131 pistols weren't enough, 14 pistols and 13 shoulder arms have been added), and weather rules. The printed rules (the first three books) were still listed as available from: Brookhurst Hobbies (USA) and also appear to be available from: Caviler Books (UK).

Once Upon a Time in the West book titles and main topics covered within:
    1) The Stage is Set: Main Rules
    2) The Plot Thickens: Point System, Weapons, Character Lists
    3) With a Cast of Thousands: Optional Rules, Surrender, Fast Draw, Public Participation Rules.
    4) The Return: Weather, Novelty Weapons, More Characters, Dogs, and too much more to list.

PKowboys (Wargame)
Written by Jeff Grossman; published by Piquet Inc. Pkowboys is intended to represent skirmish combat between rival gangs (outlaws, lawmen, gunslingers, and townsfolk) in the American West between 1860 and 11100. Players represent the leaders of different gangs, or in large battles a player may act as the leader of multiple gangs. Retails for $20 and may be ordered Online from: PKowboys
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Plains Wars Campaigns and Skirmish Scenarios (Wargame)
Written by Pete Panzeri. This is a scenario book for Indian fighting: includes Chapters on Campaigning the Plains Wars, Plains Wars Scenarios and Warfare on the Plains - Tactical Supplement for WarPaint or any Plains Wars wargame.
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Pony Soldiers (Wargame)
Pony Soldiers: Skirmish Rules for the Indian Wars and the Old West. Published in 1994. Information website: Pony Soldiers

Pony Wars (Wargame)
Pony Wars (or 'B Troop ain't Coming Back!) By Ian S. Beck, published in 1980: Rules for US Cavalry Skirmish between 1850-1890 AD. Can be used with 15mm and 25mm miniatures and terrain. 33 Pages and A4 card inserts. Ordering/Info Website: Pony Wars

Revolver (PDF Card Game)
Revolver is a PDF card game for two players designed by Philip Reed/ePublished by Ronin Arts. Showdown in the street! With Revolver, you and an opponent can mimic the gunfights of the old west, facing off one-on-one, guns blazing, bullets flying, and victory or death the only escape. Ordering/Info Website ($5.00 PDF download): Revolver

The Rules With No Name, or A Fistful of Dice (Wargame)
A fun set of Wild West skirmish rules that are well suited to the American Civil War, Wild West shoot-outs, and various struggles south of the border down Old Mexico way. These rules are highly recommended and are available HERE.

Saloon Fights (Wargame)
Saloon Fights is a game of barroom brawls the way they really were in the western movies. It's the first in a series of games to cover Hollywood's version of life in the Old West. Web page: Saloon Fights

Shambattle (Wargame)
(Published by: Milihistroit Book Service). Two sets of rules: Six-Gun Shambattles and Tomahawk Shambattles. Both games were apparently designed and published in the late 1920's, and were designed to be played with toy Cowboys and Indians (54mm scale?). Web page: Shambattle

Shootin Iron (Wargame)
Shootin Iron is a fast playing miniature game designed for quick pick-up games or tournament play. The rules are only $1.00 (US$), so how can you lose? For another silver dollar, you can also get yourself the Scenario Pack

Six Gun Assassins (Wargame)
Grab your Guns, the Wild West is about to get Wilder! Welcome to the World of Six-Gun Assassins, a fast play, rip roaring gunslinginí good time! Easy to learn and fun to play, Six-Gun Assassins has something for everyone! Rules are available from: CLICK HERE.
Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory (Wargame)
Two Hour Wargames publishes a variety of quick play miniatures games and they re-released a newer, updated version of the Six Gun Sound rules. A number of reviewers prefer the newer version over the older version.
First edition (older) rules: Six Gun Sound.

Thunder-in Guns (Wargame)
This is miniatures game that comes with a (heavy paper) board and card stock miniatures. Published in 1983 by Standard Games and Publications Ltd, and may still be available via ebay etc.

Tombstones - n - Tumbleweeds (Wargame)
Wild West Skirmish rules, ePublished in July 2004 by GameWerks and re-released again in March 2009 by Precis Intermedia . Author: Christopher Brackett. The game's core system is called: the Lucky 7 Games System, which is a 6-sided dice system. This is a fairly easy game to play and master, and at the same time, is quite comprehensive. The rules set covers virtually anything and everything a player would need, or want, to re-create in a Wild West game, and will appeal to both the Wild West miniatures wargamer and possibly the RPG player too. The rules book contains 57 pages (fairly large print), and includes a section for players to design/build their own characters, with character flaws as well as attributes (nice touch). These rules remind me of the old Boot Hill rules, but are far better organized, are more comprehensive, and was obviously put together with a lot more thought. A quality product.

US Cavalry vs Indians (Wargame)

These Rules Are No Longer Available. A set of rules for conducting skirmishes during the North American Indian wars. The rules have an emphasis on the time from 1865-1890 but may be used for earlier conflicts. These rules are suitable for 15 or 25 mm figures.

Wanted: Dead or Alive (Wargame)
I was sent note that this game is a lot of fun to play. It doesn't use dice! Instead it cleverly uses regular playing cards and poker chips, as well as Wild West miniatures. Fast, easy to play and very well written with examples of play provided (a rarity in the gaming industry!). I have taken a look at the game and I am willing to give it a try (I even bought the supplement: "For a Few Cents More"). The best part is that the games comes with a set of nice miniatures, as does it's supplement. Well worth a try, if just for the 28mm scale miniatures! So far I am very impressed.

Warhammer Historical: Legends of the Old West (Wargame)
Published in November 2004. Legends of the Old West is a tabletop miniatures game which allows you to bring to life the deeds of the brave lawmen and gunfighters of them most famous period in America's history. This lavish, full-colour manual contains all the rules you need to gather your posse and play games set on the harsh American frontier. Within you will find eight action packed scenarios, and a campaign system that allows you to develop your fighters into hard-bitten heroes and villains of The Old West.
(Wargame Supplement)
Warhammer Historical: Showdown is the third supplement for Legends of the Old West. Within this book you will find new rules, campaign advice and hobby tips to enhance your Old West gaming experience.
(Wargame Supplement)
Warhammer Historical: The Alamo is the second supplement for Legends of the Old West. Relive the battle of the Alamo. Change history at San Jacinto. Hire David Crockett, James Bowie or even Generalissimo Santa Anna to join your cause. The fate of a nation rests in your hands.
(Wargame Supplement)
Warhammer Historical: Frontier: Blood on the Plains is the first supplement for Legends of the Old West. Now you can re-enact battles between the US Cavalry and Plains Indians, or ride with the infamous Texas Rangers. Side with legendary figures such as Crazy Horse and George Armstrong Custer. Experience the power of an organized cavalry charge, or earn your eagle-feathers by riding with the Sioux ≠ there will be no quarter asked and none given! Blood on the Plains.

Warpaint (Wargame)
Designed for 25mm miniatures, Warpaint allows you to recreate the battles and skirmishes that characterized the Wild West. Supposedly uses a quick play system that keeps the flavour of the period, without bogging down. Not a skirmish style game, because the game uses a ratio of 1 figure representing 5 men. For large scale games, such as border wars, large gang bank robberies, Indians vs cavalry company, etc, its apparently well suited. These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Wild West Chronicles
Wild West Chronicles: Miniatures Wargaming Rules for Gunfights in the Odd West (Wargame)
Created by: Massimo Torriani. This is an easy-to-learn, intuitive game system that simulates gunfights between outlaws, Mexican border raids, Indian ambushes, and many other scenarios that make up the saga known as the Wild West.

Wild West: The Gun Fight Game (Wargame)
Originally published by Tabletop Games as a boxed game in 1977. This new print & play edition has kept the original rules and most of the illustrations but has an updated layout and component design to refresh the game's appearance: Hurlbat Games.

Wild West War Pigs: Wild West Warfare with Plastic Infantry Guys (Wargame)
My guess is that these are simple rules for unpainted 54mm plastic figures: Wild West War Pigs. Oddly enough, these are fairly new rules on the market. Published by Inner City Games.

Wild Frontiers - American West (Wargame)
Written by by Steve Winters. These rules have been available for a while, but little can be found on the Internet about them. I did hear from one person who uses these rule. He uses these rules because of the ease of play and the feel for the period without being simplistic. These rules are available from Essex:

NEW Wild West Exodus (Wargame)
Wild West Exodus is a dynamic, fast-paced semi-skirmish game pitting a cast of brutal characters against each other in a world very much like our own, but twisted by the forces of deepest evil. Characters in Wild West Exodus are balanced upon the edge of a knife, a horrible death waiting patiently on either side. They move swiftly across the table, they fight with frightening speed and lethal skill, and they die abruptly.

Miniature Rules for Indian Wars. Miniatures represent between 2-5 actual soldiers with 16 figures representing a troop. Sequence of Play is divided into several phases, including Command (where one of seven orders are issued to army units, and one of six to Indians), Movement, Fire, Morale/Medicine and Close Combat. Both sides can Hold and Move, while the Army can March, Reform, Charge, Mount/Dismount, and Disengage. The Indians can Close, Skirmish, Withdraw and Watch. And the use of Medicine Points to determine what various bands do is well done. One expansion book was made available: And Continually Wear The Blue. These rules were available for many years, but appear to be hard to find now. RAFM sells these from their website (or so they say). Click here to go to the order page at RAFM: Yellow Ribbon

There are a number of FREE Wild West skirmish rules floating about the Internet We will try to locate all of these rules and post their links here. Give them a try, and if you feel any of these games are outstanding, send us a note, and we will note your comments beside the game entry.

Bite the Bullet (Free Wargame)
A FREE set of skirmish rules for Minifigs 15mm line of Wild West figures. Only available upon request by sending an email to: Tom Dye. Although a skirmish game, these rules have players controlling a group of miniatures as apposed to using just a single figure, with the benefit of such as system meaning that you are not out of the game with just one casualty. These rules are in MS Word format -- FREE for the asking!

Black Hat - White Hat (Free Wargame)
A set of card driven cowboy gunfight rules. Needs figures, terrain, 6 sided dice and a pack of normal playing cards. (This is an Improved version).
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Black Death Too (Free Wargame)
An up-date of an old west rules, simple to run, fun game, with lots of laughs and surprises, especially where snake oil is involved.

Blackwater Gulch (Free Wargame)
A wild west skirmish game. Includes core rules, expansion and character sheets.

Blaze of Glory (Free Wargame)
A simple set of rules designed for fast play. Rules included scenarios and game component suggestions. Looked like a fun set of rules!
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Blood and Bullets (Free Wargame)
This is a very easy and fun game to play by Simon Washbourne. Loosely based on OD&D, its reported to be a very playable, fun set of rules! To go to the rules page, click on this link: Blood and Bullets

Dog Soldiers (Free Wargame)
A simple set of in-jun fighting rules written by Mark Hannam. Dog Soldiers

Dusty Trails: Have Dice, Will Travel (Free Wargame)
A simple set of rules designed for fast play. Also includes ideas for scenarios and game component suggestions. More a fun set of rules than historical! The game calls itself a Hollywood Western Gunfight game (How the West was Fun!). Well put together and nicely presented in PDF file format. To download the rules, click on this link: Dusty Trails  

Fill Yore Hands! (Free Wargame)
Jackson Gamers' Western Gunfight rules set. Click here to view rules: Fill Your Hands!

Fist Full of Honey (Free Wargame)
Not really a serious game, but it is a Wild West game just the same. They are called 'A Fist Full of Honey' and are a fun and an easy game to learn and play, with a complete set of 28mm "Teddy Bear" miniatures being offered as well. (note: originally these rules were offered for sale, but since they total 1 page in length, I suspect any price was seen as too high. Offering these rules for free makes the most sense).

Go Fer Your Gun! (Free Wargame)
Western Gunfight rules set. Click here to view rules: Go Fer Your Gun!

High Noon Cowboy Skirmish Rules (Free Wargame)
A very short and simple set of free rules. High Noon

Indian Wars Rules (Free Wargame)
A simple set of rules by Fred Diamond. Click here to view rules:
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Law of the Gun (Free Wargame)
A set of wild west rules inspired by the game, 6-Gun Sound written by Richard Bradley. These rules were made available in 2014.

The Lone Star Rules (Free Wargame)
A set of solo-play rules for use with your favourite Old West Rules, by Ruggero Romano and Vittorio Favetti.
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Lone Warrior (Free Wargame)
Another set of simple free rules. An Account of a Western Gunfight
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Mine All Mine (Free Wargame)
Players play prospectors who travelled over the country looking for gold, etc.
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Napnuts Western Gunfight Rules (Free Wargame)
Western Gunfight Rules, by Chew Boon Longe. A nicely presented website. Click here to view rules: Napnuts Western Gunfight Rules

Old West Miniatures Rules (Free Wargame)
The rules we use are based on a small rule set called SHOOTIST, published by Bumblebee Games and written by Derek Sorensen. Software like Konvertor is required to convert to jpg format unless you have a PostScript Printer.

Not too fussy INJUN FIGHTING RULES (Free Wargame)
Indians vs Cavalry: DOG SOLDIERS

Rencounter (Free Wargame)
Another set of free rules. These rules are set in the colonial period, but can be adapted to the Wild West.

Sandpit Showdown (Free Wargame)
Very simple wargame for play on a large table or in the backyard, with plastic (54mm?) toy soldiers: Sandpit Showdown

The Shootist (Free Wargame)

These Rules Are No Longer Available. Originally published by Derek Sorensen in May 1994, these rules are also available in postscript file format (.ps). In ps format, they total two printed pages, but there are also a downloadable list of 1000 pre-written characters (I counted them), and a short list of scenario ideas, which is a very nice touch and useful. NOTE: Although these rules are no longer available, the free rules Old West Miniatures are based on the Shootist rules and are available.

Shootout! (Free Wargame)
Skirmish Warfare in the American West, by Craig Cartmell.

Skirmishing, Shooting, & Scalping (Free Wargame)
Not exactly a rules page, but there are ideas for rules with games using Indians Click here to view page: Skirmishing, Shooting, & Scalping

The Tomahawk and the Flame (Free Wargame)
These rules came recommended to me a while ago. To go to the rules, click on this link: The Tomahawk and the Flame Town Called Malice (Free Wargame)
Wild West Skirmish rules, ePublished 2015 (version 2.5; originally ePublished in 2014) by the North London Wargames Group. This was the club's convention game for 2015. They are designed to be fast, simple and yet fun (4 or so pages of fast, simple and fun) for all age groups. These rules are still in development so send in your comments and suggestions to the author/club.

Two-Page Skirmish (Free Wargame)
These rules are designed to be fast and to fit onto two pages -- will work for virtually any skirmish game that uses guns. Rules download includes PDF, Rich Text Version, or HTML (your choice). To go to the rules, click on this link: Two-Page Skirmish

20th Century Skirmish Wargame Rules (Free Wargame)
A set of rules for the 20th Century... other than that, I haven't heard too much about these. Still worth a look and a play.
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Westamunda Western Gunfight Rules (Free Wargame)
A set of Wild West Skirmish rules by Malcolm McDowall. To go to the rules (in HTML), Click on this link: Westamunda Western Gunfight Rules

Wild West (Free Wargame)
A Simple Solo Wargame set of Rules "For a Simple Flowing Game": Wild West

Wild West Skirmish Rules (Free Wargame)
The title says it all. Rules are by Steve Burt.

Wild West Role-playing Games
There are probably just as many Wild West RPG games on the market as there are wargame rules. Since the introduction of the d20 system most Wild West RPG games have only been around no earlier than 2000. Most of the new generation of RPG games are ePublished in PDF file format.

Aces & Eights (RPG
Published by Kenzer and Company in 2005. The Aces & Eights game covers rugged cowboys, brave Indians, murderous desperadoes, determined lawmen, sturdy prospectors, powerful rail barons and all of the characters we think of when we watch a good western movie or read books about the expansion of the western frontier in America.

Aces High (RPG
Written by Stuart Godbolt and published by Chaosium Inc in April 2009. This is a 112 page, 8.25 x 11" perfect-bound paperback. ACES HIGH is a mythical, western role-playing game where Davey Crockett exists along side The Man With No Name. The relationship, however, may be an uneasy one. Aces High is a Western RPG Supplement for Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying RPG system.

Boot Hill! (RPG & Wargame)
Originally published by TSR in 1975 (note: Book image shown on left is the original 1975 cover), this game is considered by many to be the first real Wild West wargame rules. Boot Hill was published as an RPG game, but many people adapted the rules to tabletop wargaming. The first edition published in 1975, reprinted in 1977 in the same booklet format, and then in 1979 a new boxed edition was released followed by a number of expansions and adventure modules up until 1988. In 1988, TSR was quietly sold, and Boot Hill was officially placed out of print. After 1988 TSR focused primarily on their Dungeons and Dragon type games.

Burros and Bandidos (RPG)
Originally published by Sierra Madre Games. Role-playing in revolutionary Mexico between 1840 and 1920. These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Cold Steel Reign (RPG)
A violent, dark Wild West universe set in the post American Civil War era (I am sure I have this wrong, but if in doubt, read the Online review). Players Guide Book review: Cold Steel Reign
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

A Compendium of Weapons For Western Role-Playing Games (RPG)
Published by: Knuckleduster Publications A universal source-book contains illustrated listings of over 80 of the most common guns used in the West between 1849 and 11100, with special information on specialty weapons, holsters, ammunition, sights, and other accessories. This is a book that MUST be in every Wild West library!
Ratings are generic and a key is provided for gamers to quickly translate information into the language of their own rules set. Much of the information is presented in the user-friendly language of the FUDGE system, and a crib sheet is provided for Deadlands (TM) players so they can quickly translate our generic ratings into game stats.

Cowtown Creator (RPG)
Published by: Knuckleduster Publications Cowtown Creator is a step-by-step guide to creating an Old West cowtown and is a must for ALL RPG/Miniatures gamers who want to play AND understand how a cowtown actually worked. This is a very good book and a very interesting read for those who want to know more about the old west! This book should be in everyone's library!

The Coyote Wild West Adventures (Coyote Trail RPG (Core PDF) (RPG)
It's an age of cowboys, rustlers, gamblers, and lawmen. The town's assembling a posse to hunt down your gang like the dogs you are. Coyote Trail includes rules to create a variety of Wild West personalities, simple rules for fights and chases, two ready-to-play adventures, story ideas, reference sheets, and numerous character, horse, and wagon templates. Even Disposable Dice tm are included.

Coyote Trail is a role-playing game designed to be both easy to learn and fast-paced. The versatile genre Diversion 2d6 rules make it perfect for one-shot games, extended play, or as a framework for your own ideas.

Deadlands! (RPG)
The Weird West Role Playing Game. Considered by many to be the best Wild West RPG available, although it leans heavily into the fantasy aspect of the Wild West.
NOTE: There are several expansions and adventure modules available for Deadlands! at: RPGNow

Desperados (RPG)
A western genre RPG, using a skill-based percentile dice system. Published by: by Dave Schacter, Skycastle Games in 1991: Information website.

Dogs in the Vineyard(RPG)
Published by Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games, in 2004. A western-genre game where the PCs are religious guardians (God's Watchdogs): role-playing God's Watchdogs in a West that never quite was.
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Dust Devils (RPG)
Dust Devils is a role-playing game set in the dust-ridden Old West. Players portray gunslingers, gamblers, cowboys and outlaws who must not only survive in a rugged land, but conquer their inner Devil -- those dark secrets that keep folks from being honest and decent. The game uses a deck of standard playing cards and poker chips or other tokens. At moments of conflict, players build a poker hand combo based on a number cards received from their character's attributes and traits. The highest poker combo wins the round, but the highest card earns rights to narrate the scene. Characters are driven by their Devils, a character trait mechanic that reflects the characters troubled pasts and transgressions. The game is all about dealing with that Devil. evils is an award-winning RPG.

The Fifth Wheel (RPG)
The Fifth Wheel (the Book of West Marque) is a western-fantasy RPG. In it, you play a Fifth Wheel, a lawman's lawman. Set in the world of West Marque, a not-so-wild west of some forgotten yesterday, the law of the land is yours to uphold.

Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (RPG)
Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are both PDF game supplements in the Branded for Recoiled line of products. Each Frontier Towns product comes with a ready-made setting and stand-alone buildings complete with maps, history, inhabitants, adventure hooks and full interior descriptions, designed to help Judges flesh out their western role playing game. The supplement can be used right off the shelf, or Judges can pick and choose which establishments, adventure hooks and personalities to fit into an existing Old West campaign.

Fudge: Wild West Rules(FREE-RPG Addition: Unofficial)
Not sanctioned (and doesn't appear to be around anymore) by Grey Ghost Press. These were a set of simple guidelines as apposed to a full product.These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Go Heeled!(RPG)
by Clint Elliott (Black Wyvern Press) is FREE Wild West rpg. Clint provided free of charge with the hope that others will give feed back on how the system can be improved. Email Clint Elliott at: These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Go Fer Yer Gun (RPG)
Castles & Crusades, by Troll Lord Games is an 'old school rpg, using some of the best elements of AD&D, D&D, and stripped-down D20. This makes for a very good role-playing game, especially for bringing new players into the hobby. Because it is familiar to most people who use any of the above systems, character generation is a doddle and you can use most of the adventures produced for the above systems, with little or no prep. It ain't perfect, but it's fun!

Gunslingers and Gamblers (RPG)
By Jonathan Clarke of Fat Jonny Games. Gunslingers and Gamblers is a role-playing game which lets you play adventures in the American West, more specifically the Wild West of 1876.

Gunslingers! (RPG)
Get heeled and prepare to throw down with Gunslingers! The Action! System (OGL) genre and campaign source-book detailing the American Old West! 172 pages packed with new rules for showdowns and shootouts, new character templates, new Traits, nearly 200 new weapons, and much, much more! D20 Westerns? Get real. Get into the Action! with Gunslingers: Wild West Action!

GURPS: Old West (RPG)
How the West Was Won! The American frontier was a legend, even as it was happening. Gunfighters, Indians cowboys, miners and mountain men... the "rust-eaters" who pushed the rails west . . . the Pony Express . . . the Texas Rangers and the outlaws they fought... the settlers battling fire, floods, stampedes and sickness . . . their adventures made the nation what it is today!

Mano-a-Mano (RPG)

These Rules Are No Longer Available.  Originally Published by Green Dragon Hobbies. Mano-a-Mano is Role Playing in the Old West, providing the gamer with a rowdy time. Rules cover character generation, advanced life skills, hand to hand and missile combat "(that's shootin' irons pardner)", gambling, drinking, and "other" gentlemanly pursuits of America's Western Frontier in the forty years after the Civil War. Skirmish rules are also included, for small unit actions between the US Cavalry and American Indians

OGL Wild West Core Rule Book (RPG)
From character creation and gun fighting, to wagon trains, Indians, and stud poker, this core OGL rule book details the Wild West in explicit detail!
These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Outlaw (RPG)
Designed to be played with Rolemaster (published by I.C.E. in 1991). Written by Matt Forbeck.

Owl Hoot Trail (RPG)
(published by Pelgrane Press, 2013). Wild West set in a hostile fantasy world. Half rules book, half adventure, all in one very well illustrated book. Worth a look and a play.

Shady Gulch Revisited: Role-playing in the Old West (RPG)
Published by Politically Incorrect Games. Set in 1876, only a week after General Custer's defeat at Little Bighorn, Shady Gulch is a growing boomtown located deep in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory. This Coyote Trail supplement gives player gangs a base for their adventures. Shady Gulch teeters on the brink between lawlessness and civilization. There are plenty of honest, hardworking souls trying to turn Shady Gulch into a respectable community, but there are just as many ruffians who would like to see it remain a lawless frontier town--and they usually have more guns. Into this mix ride the player characters. Will they take the side of law and order, or will they help send the town plummeting into chaos? Includes an assortment of residents and locations from which stories can be based, plus an introductory adventure, exposing just how dangerous the town can be.

NEW Shotguns & Saddles: Old School Old West RPG (RPG)
A well thought out 64 page Wild West RPG with detailed character traits and development for only $6.00 (US$). This game is complete RPG which comes with NPCs, stats for wild animals, and stats and backgrounds of famous western characters/outlaws. Shotguns & Saddles (S-n-S) is a cinematic role-playing game set in the American wild west. The player characters take the role of cowboys, drifters, the town sheriff, or other desperadoes. The referee creates adventures for these characters full of fast paced action, nail biting showdowns, and barroom shootouts!

Six Gun: The Game of the Western (RPG)
Advertised as: The pure Western. No UFOs, no vampires, no elves. Just swaggerin', spittin', gamblin', ridin', ropin' & shootin'. The way a Western game should be. These Rules Are No Longer Available./td>

Six Gun Expansion: A Fistful of Six Gun(RPG)
A Fistful of Six Gun features additional rules to add depth and variation to your Six Gun game. New character backgrounds, like Gunslingers, Drifters and Lawmen, and rules for Indian campaigns and horseback action, as well as six new original scenarios by James Stubbs, Mark Bruno and Todd Downing. This supplement works best with the Six Gun 1PG, but has useful information for any game.

Sidewinder (RPG)
Sidewinder, where the historic Wild West comes alive in true D20 style! Designed to be a cinematic take on the old west with the gritty, rugged atmosphere you'll find in your favorite spaghetti westerns, Sidewinder introduces an exciting, genuine western frontier campaign setting, complete with new classes, skills, weapons, and equipment. Six-Shooters sold separately. These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Sidewinder: Recoiled (RPG)
Looking for one book to guide your Wild West role playing adventure? Weighing in at nearly 300 pages, Sidewinder: Recoiled is the rule book for you. Designed for use with the d20 Modern system, this volume contains 19 advanced classes, new feats and skills, a veritable stockade of new weaponry suited for the western frontier, and all the SRD rules you need to actively play. Feast your eyes on 25 new feats, complete combat rules specifically adapted for western adventure, sample characters, background information for your campaign, critter descriptions and statistics and much more.

Western (RPG)
A large series of Wild West rules and scenarios. These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Werewolf Wild West (RPG)
Published by White Wolf. Story Line: A hundred years ago there was a different Apocalypse. In the Old West, native Americans struggled to hold onto their traditional lands while invading foreigners thrust their way west. The pure chaos of the Wyld was impaled on the silver spike of the Weaver, and the spirit world was wracked by storms unlike any other. Garou fought Garou and death rode the swiftest horse of all. These Rules Are No Longer Available.

Wild West (FREE RPG)
Originally published by Fantasy Games Unlimited, this book is now out of print. However, it is available for FREE downloading in HTML format (still useful, but a bit time consuming to download all pages). The first adventure module for this RPG, Trouble on Widow's Peak, is also available for downloading. The authors of the original books have given their permission for these rules to be made available FREE to anyone and everyone. Not sure when these rules were originally published, but would suspect the early 1980s. For those wanting an original printed copy of these rules, your best bet is eBay -- we have seen copies go up for auction several times quite recently.

The Wild West (FREE RPG)
A set of free Wild West RPG rules. No other information. Copyright, Julian Gatt, 2000AD. These Rules Are No Longer Available.

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Rules For Going To A Gunfight (worth a read; funny stuff)