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Whitewash City Floor Plans and Building Interiors

All Whitewash City PDF building models come with floor plans, rendered to scale and keyed. There is a separate PDF file which explains the floor plan system (key1.pdf)

Floor Plan Use In Games

There are many ways to use floor plan in your games. Most people have the floor plans kept to a side area, ready for use when characters enter buildings, while other store the floor plans under the building model itself. Which ever way you are comfortable is considered the best method.

Bill Wimbiscus' Solution
Bill took the Whitewash City floor plans and made them into 3D art, hand constructing some items while purchasing other. When playing his Wild West games, his 3D floor plans are hidden under each corresponding building and are only revealed once a character has entered the building. Then the figure is placed onto the 3D floor plan.

Bill Wimbiscus' Hardware Store Model Build Bill Wimbiscus' Hardware Store's Interior

Bill Wimbiscus' Harp Saloon Model Build Bill Wimbiscus' Harp Saloon Interior

Bill Wimbiscus' Sheriff Office Model Build Bill Wimbiscus' Sheriff Office Interior