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The E-Mail attachment shipping option is a FREE option.

If you would like to receive your purchase via e-mail attachment, simply choose no option for shipping. We will notifiy you via e-mail before your purchase is shipped to confirm the e-mail address that you want to use for the file transfer, and to determine the best time in which to send you the purchased PDF files.

If you wish to purchase Whitewash City via e-mail attachment, you should first:

1. Contact Eric Hotz directly: Eric Hotz before placing your order. We would like to make sure that we have your shipping (e-mail) address correctly, and to make sure that your e-mail service can handle the order.

2. Purchasing files via e-mail attachment is actually very easy and quick. There are just two points to follow:
   a) Make sure your in-box is empty. You do this by checking your e-mail account to make sure all e-mails/attachments that have been sitting in your in-box have been downloaded.
   b) Inform us as to the maximum capacity of your e-mail account. We can send the files to you to best match your e-mail account. This will ensure that we do not overload your e-mail in-box.

3. If you have a dial up account, rather than a high speed account, you can still download your purchase via e-mail attachment, but your connection speed may increase the chances of file corruption. However, we have dealt with several people recently with dial up systems and have experienced no problems.

NOTE: Whitewash City PDF file sizes range from between 450k and 1.3MB per file, which are actually very small file sizes and pose no problem when shipping via email attachment.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact: Eric Hotz