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Whitewash City Add-On Kits may be viewed ("Photo & Info", button) on this page. Note: You receive one FREE Add-On Kit of your choice with the purchase of every 5-PDF File Model Set (see: Models Sets). To learn more about Add-On Kits: click here.

Item # Photo & Info ADD-ON KITS Price (US $) Purchase
25000A Wanted Posters $1.50 (US$)
25000B The Hangman's Gallows $1.50 (US$)
25000C Optional Business Signs (No.1) $1.50 (US$)
25000D Extra Doors and Windows (No.1) $1.50 (US$)
25000E Wooden Walkways $1.50 (US$)
25000F Extra Doors and Windows (No.2) $1.50 (US$)
25000G 2-D Markers $1.50 (US$)
25000H Corral Fences/Gates $1.50 (US$)
25000I Optional Business Signs (No.2) $1.50 (US$)
25000J Ghost Town Kit $1.50 (US$)
25000K Hanging Laundry $1.50 (US$)
25000L Optional Business Signs (No.3) $1.50 (US$)
25000M Extra Railway Parts $1.50 (US$)
25000N Curved Railway Tracks $1.50 (US$)
25000O Right-Hand Rail Switches $1.50 (US$)
25000P Boot Hill (No.1) $1.50 (US$)
25000Q Water Tower $1.50 (US$)
25000R Left-Hand Rail Switches $1.50 (US$)
25000S Small Fences $1.50 (US$)
25000T Town Set (No.1) $1.50 (US$)
25000U Wooden Crates and Lumber Stacks $1.50 (US$)

Purchase the Whitewash City Mother Lode Set or Town Set on CD or as a download, and receive $15 off a Half-Size (34x45 Inch) Western Town Game mat, or $25 off a Full Size (45x72 Inch) Western Town Game Mat: Game Mat. For more details, send an email to: Eric Hotz.