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The Whitewash City Download page contains a FREE sample that you can download and try out, and is also designed to allow customers who purchased earlier versions of some of the Whitewash City PDF files access to updated artwork that enhances/improves earlier versions of the PDF files. If you purchased earlier versions of the these files and want to obtain an upgrade, go to the Upgrade page.

The Imperial Saloon: Free Sample Download
This is a FREE PDF MODEL SAMPLE of Whitewash City's "Imperial Saloon". This model is based on a saloon found in Dodge City. The Imperial Saloon is a fairly common building style, that was quick and inexpensive to construct and was found in virtually all Wild West communities throughout the USA and Canada. To download this file, go to the download page: Click Here

Whitewash City Piano:
Submitted by: Tom Herrschaft. Download and build a 28mm scale piano for use with your Whitewash City floor plans: Whitewash_Piano.pdf (120k PDF File).

Rescaling Whitewash City Models:
Whitewash City PDF files are unique because they are rendered in vector art rather than bitmapped art. This means unlike most other PDF models on the market, you can reduce OR enlarge the printouts of Whitewash City without losing print quality. To re-scale your printouts, just by use your printer controls. You can print Whitewash City models to virtually ANY scale desired -- you are limited ONLY by the page size output of the plotter/printer you are using! For larger printouts it is recommended that you use a printer/plotter with an output capability of at least 11 x 17in; many service centers (such as Office Depot and Staples) can handle these sort of outputs. Check out our simple PDF Rescaling Guide. Please note that the capability of printing rests largely with you print drivers, which in turn, control the capability of your printer. If in doubt, read up on your printer's driver software at your manufacturer's website -- in many cases, your drivers have been updated, which may increase the functionality of your printer.


Chimney Cap Art
This Chimney Cap PDF file provides artwork for all PDF files that contained buildings that have chimneys. Just print out, cut out and glue in top to of a chimney. There are two construction methods and with diagrams showing both; they are simple and quick to construct. Full color and black line art is provided within this PDF file. To download, Click Here

NOTE: This artwork for the chimney has been provided within all PDF file that use chimneys since June 2003 -- this download is intended for those who purchased older PDF files.


The Grand Hotel Inner Balcony Art
This Inner Balcony PDF file provides artwork for the inside of the balcony of the Grand Hotel. Just print out, cut out and glue in place. Its simple and quick. Full color and black line art is provided. To download, Click Here

NOTE: This artwork has been provided within the Grand Hotel PDF file since June 2003 -- this download is intended for those who purchased older versions of the Grand Hotel.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact: Eric Hotz