Robert Minadeo Page

The complete run down of all the models and miniatures in the Robert Minadeo Photo:
*Left: Lawyer's Office from J and T Miniatures.
*Center: Just peeking out past the Lawyer's Office is "Stumpy McGraw", a codger from Over the Wire Game's "Wanted: Dead or Alive" game.
The game includes 8 or so figures. Stumpy is my favorite.
*Right: Scratch built store. Foam core, cardboard and wood.

Middle distance:
*Road by Miniature World Maker of Australia. Fantastic latex terrain at affordable prices. Can't say enough good things about their
roads and rivers.
*ACW supply wagon from Connoisseur Miniatures. Wagon actually comes with a two mule team and muleskinner. These were until recently
available from J and T Miniatures but I've just learned that Joel has sold off the Connoisseur line. Don't know to whom.
*Stood horse from Dixon Miniatures.
*Bath "attendant" is a Boxer Rebellion figure from Old Glory. He was meant to be a standard bearer from "Boxers with Swords and Shields".
I've armed him with a Trapdoor Springfield carbine from Foundry's 7th cavalry range.
*The resin shack on the left (next to the Miner's Cabin), as well as the barrel and hitching post are from TCS. TCS has a great line of
affordable resin buildings and lead accessories. Unfortunately they are only available at miniature's conventions as far as I know and
I've not managed to attend one is a few years so can't speak to their current range. TCS also produces some fine adobe buildings, as well
as lead buzzards!
*The big building next to the Bath House is J and T's Abilene Livery Stable, though you can't really see much of it.

Left: The green building is the Harwood House from J and T's OK corral set.
Center: The fence section and gate are also from J and T's OK corral set.

Aside from the road sections and of course the Whitewash City buildings, all painting was by my hand.