Welcome to the Whitewash City board games and computer games links page! Here are just a few Wild West board games and computer games that we have come across. Most are fun games, but your tastes may vary. There are many Wild West themed games availble on the market, if you know where to look.

If you know of other Wild West board/computer games that deserve to be listed, please send us a note: Eric Hotz

Gunslinger!: (Board Game) Gunslinger is a Wild West shoot'em up board game. Considered by many to be one of the finest first person gun fighter rules/game available, but by others to be too complicated and slow moving. Not sure who is really right, as I have never played the game, but the game is still popular with many people around the world. Originally published by Avalon Hill Game Company, many copies are still available in games stores and frequently seen on eBay. For a full review, go to: GUNSLINGER
Bounty Hunter: (Book Game) Published by NOVA Games back in the 1980's, this is a fun, book game. Requires nothing more than the two books the game comes with, although finding a used copy can be a bit difficult. Two gunslingers move around the saloon, both inside and outside. Your moves are picked and revealed from the books simultaneously, and what a player sees on his page is only what his character would see. It is entirely possible to stalk your victim, getting in some good shots before ducking behind a wall before he discovers your location. The game falls short of evoking the spirit of classic Western gunfight, with the locale being too small, too circumsribed to feel like a real place. Still, its a fun, two player game. For a quick review, go to: Bounty Hunter.

Lawless: (Board Game) This is the Wild West! The newly settled prairie where cowboys and Indians have frequent run-ins, where vigilante justice is the only kind of justice, where bank robberies are a daily occurrence, where the riches of hidden gold draw fortune hunters from near and far, where the saloons are populated by a motley crew of card sharks, con men, and everyday cheats. In short, this is a world ruled by the laws of the frontier, and even those are made to be broken. It is here, in this pitiless land, where you must try to make your ranch the biggest, most successful spread in the whole, wild, West, and earn yourself the respect a tough hombre like yourself deserves.
In order to build your ranch (and your reputation) you must take over the largest number of ranges, round up the most herds, assemble the largest number of cowboys and amass the most money possible. To reach this goal, you can act wisely, or call upon slightly more unsavory methods... in this environment, the ends ALWAYS justify the means. Just don't attract the attention of The Law.... Review: Lawless.

GNADENLOS!: (Board Game) Another Wild West board game from Europe (German). Go West, young man, loaded with promissory notes to hire Adventurers for your dirty work. Adventurers, won at auctions, have numbered skills in Poker, Pistols, and Prospecting. Event Cards determine Adventurers' conflicts each round. The winner's employer earns gold or Prestige Points; the luckiest losers return to their bosses. At intervals, some spent promissory notes are randomly chosen; owners unable to meet the payment lose considerable Prestige. You can buy Prestige with gold, but awaiting paydays encourages caution. Win by riding to the Prestige track's end, or by being ahead when the Undertaker has seen enough gunfights!


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