Welcome to the Whitewash City Miniatures links page! There are several Wild West miniature ranges available on today's market. In some cases, the manufacturer also produces rules systems for either Role Playing Games (RPG) or Tabletop Miniatures Rules (Wargame) so be sure to also check out the Game Rules page.

If you know of other Wild West miniatures manufacturers, please send us a note to: Eric Hotz

15mm.co.ukThe makers of fine 15mm scale miniatures (hense the name, 15mm.co.uk). These guys produce a line of 15mm Wild West gunfighters, serttlers and Indians in the Pony Wars collection. A great scale and good minaitures, with endless possibilities. Worth a look!


Artizan Designs:
Four sets of three Wild West miniatures (a total of 12 miniatures) are show and listed. Artizan miniatures are quite new, being made available for purchase on December 27th, 2004. Artizan lists their miniatures as 28mm scale and they have a reputation of producing very nice miniatures.

Firing Line Miniatures
Bicorne Miniatures: produces two lines of Wild West period miniatures: Firing Line Miniatures, a nice, if small, range of Wild West miniatures listed as 25mm in scale.

Blue Moon
Blue Moon Manufacturing: produces a number of miniatures ranges in 28mm scale including a large range of Wild West miniatures. Well worth a look. Very nice miniatures!

Black SCorpian Miniatures
Black Scorpion Miniatures: produces a very nice line of 32mm Wild West gun fighter miniatures. This line was introduced in April 2006 and was just expanded again on June 19th, 2006 with the release of "Tombstone" gunfighters. Very nice stuff!

Brigade Games
Brigade Games: produces a number of miniatures ranges in 28mm scale including a large range of Wild West miniatures based on historical references made in a recent TV mini-series. Very well sculpted miniatures that could be used to represent characters in the series. I hope the range continues longer than the TV series did. For a link to the actual miniatures, Click Here.

Britannia Miniatures
Britannia Miniatures: Britannia Miniatures doesn't believe in showing photos of their Old West miniatures on their website, but I did manage to locate a person who owns a few and he had this to say about their Wild West miniatures (perhaps this is why no photos are posted):
They are a very individual style of sculpting and will not blend easily with any existing ranges. They are very chunky and quite large. They were released about 15 years ago, so they could be considered quite crude by today's standards. They do have a certain style, but may not be to every bodies taste.
(comments can be read at: TMP)

Firing Line Miniatures

Cannon Fodder Miniatures: Cannon Fodder produces a line of Alamo/Mexican miniatures in 28mm (we know, its not the Wild West, but it is close). Very nice stuff.

Crusader Miniatures
Crusader Miniatures: Crusader Miniatures produces a nice range of Wild West miniatures.

Black SCorpian Miniatures
Crystal Caste: produces a set of five Wild West miniatures as part of their eM-4 Miniatures line. The miniatures are not cheap at $5 a pieces, and are only sold in a five figure set, but they come pre painted and the sets come with 5 FREE d20 dice.

Firing Line Miniatures
Dixon Miniatures: Dixon produces a very large range of Wild West miniatures and also include civilians, wagons of all description, outlaws, mexicans, indians, lawmen, horses, cattle, mounted riders, etc. These are definitely worth a look. Labeled 28mm scale, but with basing, these miniatures are closer to 30mm scale.

Eureka Miniatures
Eureka Miniatures: Eureka produces a new range of 40mm James Gang miniatures which look very nice. Eureka also produces a wide range of Victorian period miniatures that would be great for the Wild West period such as: Civilians and Vignettes, and Seamus O'Toole. Eureka Miniatures also produces dog miniatures, which are great for those Sergio Leoni film buffs out there trying to recreate spaghetti westerns in miniature.

Hinchliffe: This UK based company produces a line of Wild West/Indian Wars: This is very cleverly hidden inside the American Civil War section (near bottom of list): Website

The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company: The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company supplies a unique range of wargames, scale figures, scale models and accessories. Of interest to all Wild West skirmish gamers out there, their 40mm (1/48th) scale Wild West and indian wars range miniatures are superb.

Firing Line Miniatures
Jeff Valent Studios:
Makers of fine pewter miniatures and a fairly large (30 miniatures) Wild West (Great Rail Wars/Deadlands Miniatures) line.

Knuckleduster Miniatures Figures Ltd:
A nice range of Wild West town folk miniatures in 28mm. We have been told this is a growing range of miniatures. So far, we are very impressed!

Miniatures Figures Ltd
Minifigs makes a high quality line of 15mm Wild West/Indian wars miniatures.

Mirliton: High Quality Miniatures:
Mirliton makes a set of 10 Wild West miniatures in 28mm.

Monday Knight Productions: Monday Knight has a fairly large collection of Wild West miniatures with a strong emphasis on Mexican Bandits, which is great for people who want to re-create the American Southwest. They also have an interesting line of Mexican government troops, that opens the doors for those who want to stage Mexican bandits vs Mexican Government Troop skirmishes. Monday Knight also produces a small range of cacti and saloon tables for those looking for unusual terrain. Well worth a look. I was told that Monday Knight miniatures are called 25mm, but they apparently are closer to 28mm.

Old Glory
Musket Miniatures: Musket Miniatures produces a small line of 15mm Wild West miniatures that includes US cavalry, Indians, wagons, stagecoaches, townsfolk, a great looking farm (with barn, house, chicken coops, etc) and a lot more. They are worth a look; their quality looks very good! The only problem we encountered was their website, which loads in a very strange manner (could just be our browsers).

Old Glory

Old Glory: Old Glory produces a wide range of 28mm miniatures and a whole lot more. Their wide range of Old West miniatures characters can populate your Western town and include: Texas Rangers, Indian Renegades, Bank Robbers, the Local Ladies, Rustlers, The Cattle Baron and his men, the Town Sheriff and his Posse, Buffalo Hunters, Guns for Hire, and European Hunting Parties, and includes mounted AND dismounted characters, which is great for any wild west skirmish game. They also have the starting of a line of Wild West resin caste building models. Many people call Old Glory miniatures the best on today's market.

NOTE: Many manufacturers love to hide their products on their website and then expect their customers to hunt for what they are looking for. Old Glory's website is like that. It took us over an hour to locate their Wild West Outlaw and Lawmen miniatures (are they really interested in selling these?). For a great mess of miniatures at very reasonable prices: Go Here.

Peter Pig

Peter Pig: Maker of 15mm Wild West miniatures.


RAFM Miniatures used to produce huge lines of miniatures, but these days, they seemed to have slowed down. They still list the Reil Rebellion of 1885 (Canada) and their Plains Indian Wars, which are both suppose to be very good 25mm scale miniatures. No photos are available of either line (who needs images to sell a product?).

Ral Partha

Ral Partha Europe Online Store: Only a handful of miniatures are offered by Ral Partha.

Reaper Miniatures Online Store: Reaper only has a handful of Wild West miniatures on hand to sell, but they are nice... they are just cleverly hidden in their website where few would think of venturing.

Rebel Miniatures: Rembel Miniatures appears to only make three 28mm Cowboy miniatures at this time, but who knows, perhaps they will produce more.

Shadowforge Miniatures
An Australian Company that produces a small line of 28mm female gun fighters.

Thoroughbred Models
Thourghbred makes 10mm scale models and then make a collection of 10mm Western Town folk. Not the scale that most people think about when playing wild west games, but still worth a look. These are nice miniatures.

Wanted: Dead or Alive Published by: Over the Wire Games and Miniatures. I was sent a note recently that this game is a lot of fun to play. The best part is that the miniatures game comes with a set of miniatures, as does their supplement book, "For a Few Cents More". The miniatures are 32mm to 35mm in size, which may be slightly taller than most other miniatures on the market which are closer to 28mm and 30mm. However, there were tall cowboys out there, so they are not entirely out of scale. A nice set of miniatures (go to our Game Rules Page for our thoughts on the rules system).

Wargames Foundry

Wargame Foundry: Considered by many to produce the finest Wild West miniatures on today's market, Wargame Foundry offers a very large range of miniatures. Their scales fluctuate between 28mm and 33mm, although they are often all called called 28mm (be aware of this!)

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