An original game by Eric Hotz

"Gold, Gold, Wonderful Gold"

Gold Towntm is not a game about violence. It is the Old Historical West captured and harnessed into a fun, fast paced tabletop game for 2 to 8 players that can be taught and learned in a short space of time. Gold Towntm can be played using Wild West miniatures, along with 3D building models and terrain, or it can be played just using the PDF game cards and markers that come with the game. Gold Towntm, because of it's ease of play and compactness, is a great convention game and is the perfect game to take over to a friend's place for a weekday game night.

"Playing Gold Towntm with just the cards"
Gold Towntm is a Complete Game
To play Gold Towntm, all you need, with the exception of dice, pencil and paper, comes with the game, ready to print in PDF file format. Gold Towntm can also, of course, be played using miniature figures and Whitewash City PDF model buildings at the players’ own discretion. Gold Towntm plays like a board game, using dice for movement. Players represent gold miners who must leave their mining claims to come into Whitewash City to purchase provisions, equipment, services, or simply to blow off a bit of steam. Once in town, the player has a chance to kick up their heels and spend some of that hard-earned gold. Although players come to Whitewash City primarily to fulfill their tasks, the town's businesses beckon to lonely miners and present them with all sorts of temptation. In such an environment it’s hard to hold onto your money, but you have to try because the player who amasses the greatest "fortune" by the end of the game wins.

Click here to view photo images of Card setup: Card/Marker Game

"Playing Gold Towntm in 3D"
Gold Towntm with 3D Terrain & Miniatures
Using 3D Wild West building models and miniatures with Gold Towntm produces an impressive and visually stunning game. Gold Towntm won third prize for "Best Presented Game", at Trumpeter Salute 2005 Tabletop Gaming Convention held in Vancouver, Canada.

To view photo images of Gold Towntm being played using Whitewash City PDF building models along with 30mm Wild West miniatures, Click Here: Building Models/Miniatures Game.

"A 30mm Wild West Miniature, by Knuckleduster"
Miniatures Manufactures and Gold Towntm
There are several miniatures manufactures who create beautiful Wild West miniatures that are perfect for Gold Towntm. The game is unusual in that it is probably best to use unarmed cowboys and Wild West characters. Since most Wild West towns banned firearms within town limits, or at least from certain areas within town, most people did not carry guns in view while in town. This does not mean that people never carried firearms, just that they kept them concealed from view. A player, or course, may use any Wild West miniatures that they like, but unarmed miniature figures are the figures of choice. And, by a stroke of luck, Knuckleduster, has just finished producing a small line of unarmed Wild West figures that fit Gold Towntm perfectly. More good news is that Knuckleduster also intends to expand their line of 28mm miniatures soon. For a complete listing of the Wild West miniatures manufactures, go to: The Whitewash City Miniatures Listing

To view photographs of the miniatures, and to see one basing system we used with our Gold Towntm games, click here: Gold Towntm Miniatures Game

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