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"Gold Towntm Platinum Edition on CD"

Gold Towntm Platinum Edition comes with Gold Towntm on CD with 23 Whitewash City PDF Wild West building models (contained within 20 PDF model files). These 23 models will give you a good mix of building types for Gold Towntm. All Whitewash City and Gold Town products that ship on CD for $34.99 or more, Ship FREE worldwide via Air Mail so there are no shipping/handling charges for the Platinum Edition.

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FREE Shipping Worldwide $44.99 + FREE Shipping on CD

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Canada: 2 to 5 days USA: 7 to 12 days Europe: 7 to 14 days Australia: 7 to 14 days
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The following Whitewash City PDF model buildings are included in the Gold Towntm Platinum Edition on CD:
The Pioneer Hotel The Gold Star Saloon Whitewash City Cafe Dry Goods Store
Hardware Store The Grand Hotel The Sheriff Office & Jail The Longhorn Saloon
The Medical Building Livery Stable Barbershop & Assay Office Grocery Store
3 Small Businesses The Orient Saloon Town Church Brooklyn Hotel/Saloon
First National Bank Zang's Beer Saloon The Fire Hall The Pink House

The following Whitewash City Add-On Kit files are included with the Gold Town
tm Platinum Edition:
Add-On Kit: Optional Business Signs 1 Add-On Kit: Optional Business Signs 2 Add-On Kit: Corral Fences/Gates Add-On Kit: Boot Hill 1

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