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"There's Gold In Them Thar Hills!"

"10-out-of-10! A great game. Very well done, and one of the most interesting crossovers between board games and miniatures that I've ever seen."
            by Mike Mitchell
  (Mike Mitchell is the author/publisher of Gutshot, Wild West Skirmish Rules)

Gold Town
tm is a very unique historical PDF tile-boardgame recreating the real-life experience of Old West miners during the early 1870s in the gold mining town of Whitewash City. A lot of care and research was undertaken to ensure the historical accuracy of Gold Towntm. It's fun and easy play, just print it, cut out the components and play -- everything you need is included, except two six-sided dice, a pencil and paper.

"Gold Towntm CD Cover"

Gold Towntm Game Object
Gold Towntm is NOT a shoot'em up style Wild West game. Gold Towntm is an historical PDF tile-boardgame. The object of Gold Towntm is to be the miner with the most money when the gold finally runs out at the end of the game. Each player owns a mining claim, which, over the course of the game, they will work to accumulate their wealth. Their initial mining claim is not one of the best in the region, but, as recent arrivals in a goldrush town, they have to take what they can get. During the course of the game, the players are forced to leave their mining claims to visit Whitewash City to perform Game Tasks, such as buying provisions, mining equipment, or just to relieve the monotony of living and working alone on a small claim! Once in Whitewash City, players will be faced with the many temptations that a Wild West town-that-never-sleeps has to offer: drinking, gambling, and women‚-just to mention a few‚-all designed to steal away their hard-earned money. It's a tough existence, but that's the way it was for those whose lives revolved around a Gold Town.

"Playing on a Gold Towntm Felt Card Game Mat"
Gold Towntm Game Components
Gold Towntm is a complete game. To play, print out the rules and the game cards, and with a minimal amount of cutting and assembly, start playing. The only additional equipment required are a pencil and paper and at least two six-sided dice. Although there are a number of full-color game components (in PDF), the color on these pages have been kept to a minimum to make Gold Towntm more economical to print while retaining its graphic beauty. Many of the game components can be printed in grayscale, and many of the game cards are designed for black ink printing. The rules booklet is also designed to be printed with black ink text, and black line or grayscale images and game tables -- no color printing is required for the entire rules book. Ease and economy for our customers was our primary goal. This product won't "bust a stake" to print!

"Gold Towntm Miniatures Game!"
Playing Gold Towntm in 3D
Although Gold Towntm is a complete game in PDF file format, players can also play it in 3D using the game cards/components in conjunction with Whitewash City PDF building models and Wild West miniatures, creating a fun and visually stunning game (In March 2005, Gold Towntm won third prize for "Best Presented Game" at Trumpeter Salute 2005 Tabletop Gaming Convention, Vancouver, Canada).

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