An original game by Eric Hotz

"Ordering Gold Town tm !"

Gold Towntm can be purchased in CD format and shipped directly to your mailing address via Air Mail, worldwide. Orders are usually received within two to three weeks after placement. You can also purchase Gold Towntm in special, discounted packages (for example, bundled with Whitewash City PDF models and/or with a Gold Towntm Felt Game Mat). Gold Towntm can be downloaded instantly from RPGNow using either credit card or PayPal payments.

Item # Product Price (US $) Info/Purchasing
255001   Instant Pay & Download Gold Towntm from RPGNow $5.99 (US$)
255002 Gold Towntm on CD $9.99 (US$)
255003 Gold Towntm by email attchment; 19MB sent in 2MB batches. $9.99 (US$)
255004 Gold Towntm Copper Edition on CD $24.99 (US$)
255005 Gold Towntm Silver Edition on CD $41.99 (US$)
255007 Gold Towntm Platinum Edition on CD $44.99 (US$)
255008 Gold Towntm Platinum Plus Edition $69.99 (US$)
255012 The Mother Lode: Gold Towntm & ALL Whitewash City files on CD $89.99 (US$)
GT255000-A Gold Towntm Felt Card Game Mat (small mat) $19.99 (US$)
GT255000-B Gold Towntm Felt Model Game Mat (large mat) $34.99 (US$)
255550 Gold Towntm Felt Game Mat Customizing $4.99 (US$)

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If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact: Eric Hotz