An original game by Eric Hotz

"Gold Towntm Felt Model Game Mat"

Gold Towntm Felt Model Game Mat is specifically designed to be used with Whitewash City PDF Wild West 3D building model, although the mat can be used with any Wild West building models. The Felt Model Game Mat measures 60in x 35.5in (approx). For more information on Gold Towntm Felt Model Game Mats, go to: Felt Game Mats

Shipping Destination Base Price + Shipping Air Mail Surface mail
To: Canada $34.99 (USD) + Shipping Same as Air Mail
To: USA $34.99 (USD) + Shipping
To: Europe/Rest of the World $34.99 (USD) + Shipping

Air Mail Shipping Estimated Times
Canada: 2 to 5 days USA: 7 to 12 days Europe: 7 to 14 days Australia: 7 to 14 days

Surface Mail Shipping Estimated Times
Canada: n/a USA: 7 to 18 days Europe: 14 to 21 days Australia: 14 to 31 days
Times subject to seasonal fluctuations (example: Christmas time can be slower).

     Gold Towntm 3D Model Game Mat (60in x 35.5in approx*)

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