An original game by Eric Hotz

"Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats"

Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats are designed specifically to be used with the Gold Towntm game. The felt game mats come in two sizes: Card Game Mat size (small) and Model Game Mat size (large). The Card Game Mat is designed for easy setup on small surfaces such as a kitchen or coffee table for use with the Gold Town PDF printable playing components such as Building Cards, Player Pieces, Town Character Markers, etc. The Model Game Mat is a larger mat designed to be used in conjunction with Whitewash City 3D PDF Card-Stock models. The larger mat can accommodate a maximum of 28 building models.

Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats:
Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats are made from high quality heat roll-pressed, acrylic felt fibre sheets. Each mat is precisely cut to size and then airbrushed to resemble old rawhide. All labels are printed onto the felt surface in black/gray ink to simulate Old West aging and weathering. The game mat surface is treated with a light resin coating that ensures the painted and printed areas bond strongly with acrylic felt fibers and help prevent scuffing and pilling so that the Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats will last a long time.

Customizing Your Gold Towntm Felt Game Mat:
For only $5 US extra, Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats can have customized the name tags. If you would prefer your name type to be in French, or German, or in a different font, for example, just email Eric Hotz with the complete text that you wish to have and it will be printed on your Felt Game Mat. Logos, special additional name tags, compass roses, symbols, etc. can also be added to the Felt Game Mat.
NOTE: All type and artwork submitted will be printed in either black or gray ink. All artwork must be first assessed to determine it's suitability prior to commencing on the work. No refunds will be available upon customized mats except where printing does not match that submitted with the email.

Blank Gold Towntm Felt Game Mat:
We have had a number of people send in requests for blank Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats, which are intended to be used as wargame (skirmish game) mats. Blank mats are mats with no name tags, just the coloured surfaces. Although this is techincally a customization, because of the number of requests, this is a FREE customization. The small Gold Towntm mat works great with 15mm scale miniatures and model buildings.

Gold Towntm Card Game Mat (43in x 17.5in approx*)

Gold Towntm 3D Model Game Mat (60in x 35.5in approx*)

* Sizes are approximated due to the unpredictable nature of felt shrinkage. Shrinkage rarely exceeds 0.2in.
NOTE: Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats are hand-produced, so that exact positioning of type and painted colours can vary from game mat to game mat.

For photo images of the Gold Towntm Felt Game Mats in use, go to: Playing Gold Towntm


Email: Eric Hotz