An original game by Eric Hotz

"Gold Towntm via eMail Attachment"

Be aware Gold Towntm files total just over 19 mega-bytes. We will send you all PDF via email attachment, in batches of 2 mega-bytes each (maximum). Please check with your email service provider to determine the storgae copacity of your mail box -- the larger your storage capacity, the faster you can receive Gold Towntm !

Email Attachment Delivery $9.99 (USD) (No Shipping Charges)

If you are buying Gold Towntm in combination with Whitewash City on CD, and your total is $34.99 or more, then shipping is FREE worldwide. Your Gold Towntm and your Whitewash City order will be placed onto the same CD to save on shipping and packaging costs.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact: Eric Hotz

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