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"Gold Towntm Felt Card Game Mat Customization"

Customizing Your Gold Towntm Felt Card Game Mats: For only $5 US extra, Gold Towntm Felt Card Game Mats can have customized the name tags. If you would prefer your name type to be in French, or German, or in a different font, for example, just email Eric Hotz with the complete text that you wish to have and it will be printed on your Felt Game Mat. Logos, special additional name tags, compass roses, symbols, etc. can also be added to the Felt Game Mat.

NOTE: All type and artwork submitted will be printed in either black or gray ink. All artwork must be first assessed to determine it's suitability prior to commencing on the work. No refunds will be available upon customized mats except where printing does not match that submitted with the email.

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tm Felt Model Game Mats, go to: Felt Game Mats

Item # Information Product Price (US $) Purchase
255550 Gold Towntm Felt Game Mat Customization $4.99 (US$)

      Gold Towntm Card Game Mat (43in x 17.5in approx*)

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