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"Gold Town tm Game Components"

Gold Towntm comes with a 40-page PDF rule book (28 pages of actual rules and tables), a variety of game cards, playing pieces, player roster cards, character cards, and much more. Many of these components are optional - players do not have to use everything that is provided within the game: They get to choose what they want to use with their game. The game components are intended to be inclusive and to provide players with everything they might require to play the game the way they want to play. All game components are in PDF and are included within the game. A number of the components can easily, and effectively, be printed in grayscale. Below is a listing of the PDF component files that are included in Gold Towntm :

1) Gold Towntm Rules Book: 40 pages/mostly black print or grayscale photographs; a few images are in full colour, but these are designed to also print well in grayscale.
    a) Title Page: 1 page (optional)
    b) Introduction: 3 pages (optional)
    c) Rules and Charts: 28 pages
    d) FAQ and Answers: 7 pages (optional)
    e) Index Page: 1 page (optional)

2) Bibliography (optional): 2 Pages; the bibliography contains the books that were consulted for background research for Gold Towntm.

3) Cheat Sheets (optional): 4 Pages of charts in black ink print. These are all charts found in the rules placed onto 4 pages for quick and easy reference during game play.
      Note: It is recommended that you use the Cheat Sheets.

4) Player's Playing (Game) Pieces (optional): 1 Page of playing pieces in full color; some fairly easy assembly required; if you have Wild West miniatures, or playing pieces from another game, these will work just as well.

5) Building Cards: Building Cards are at the heart of Gold Towntm. Five full-color pages are given in the game, and these make 42 different Building Cards; just print, cutout and play. The Building Cards are both elegant and designed to save ink when printing. It is not necessary to print all of the Building Cards in order to play Gold Towntm. (Building Card Size: 48mm x 84mm/1.80in x 3.35in approx).
      Note: You will need to print at least 3 sheets of Building Cards.

Building Card Samples

6) Task Cards: 6 Pages in black ink print; makes 120 cards. Also provided with Gold Towntm is a 1 page Task Table, which will require the use of a 1d100 (percentile dice). The Task Table takes the place of the Task Cards if players do not want to print up and cut out the Task Cards for their games. Just printout and use.

7) Gold Cards: 1 Page in full color; makes 20 cards; you need to print this page twice; some easy assembly required.
      NOTE: You can print the Gold Cards in grayscale/black ink

Gold Card Sample

8) Gold Towntm Dollars: 5 Pages in black ink print; print 15 pages of Gold Towntm (play) money; denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50 dollar bills. It is suggested that you print the money onto coloured paper; just print, cutout and play. Additionally, any other play money--in the appropriate denominations-- can be used instead.

$5 Dollars of Gold Towntm Money

9) Player Roster Cards (optional): 2 Pages; full color and black line art is provided (customers have the choice of printing in black line OR full color -- whichever suits their budget or tastes); just print, cutout and play. If the Game Markers are used, players may or may not want to printout the Player Record Cards, however, it is recommended that the Player Record Cards be used.
(Player Record Card Size: 14cm x 10.8cm/5.5in x 4.25in approx).

10) Player Character Cards (optional): 1 Page in full color; just print, cutout and play. These cards contain player attributes such as Gambling Skills, Gun Fighting Skills, Fist Fighting Skills, etc. (Player Character Card Size: 48mm x 84mm/1.80in x 3.35in approx).

Example of a Player Character Card

11) Game Markers (optional): 1 Page in full color; just print, cutout and play. Although it is recommended that players use Game Markers, a pencil and paper can be used to keep track of necessities.

Sample of three Gold Towntm Game Markers

12) Town Character Markers: 1 Page in full color; just print, cutout and play.

Sample Town Character: The Town Deputy

13) Special Cards (optional): 1 Page in full color; if Special Cards are used in a game, it is recommended that players print up two sheets. Special Cards include objects that may be purchased in Whitewash City (such as a pistol, a bottle of perfume, or bottle of whiskey, and more) that may help players attain their goal while in Whitewash City). You do not have to use the Special Cards in order to play Gold Towntm.

14) Miniatures Game Bases (optional): 2 Pages in full color; only required when using miniatures with the game, and even then, they remain optional depending on whether the players want to use the base art provided or create their own; just print, mount onto matting board, or another heavy card stock, cutout and play.

Note: A number of the Gold Towntm components can easily, and effectively, be printed in grayscale.

Gold Town Felt Game Mats
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Gold Towntm Felt Game Mat (43.0in x 17.5in approx)

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