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I have worked as a full-time illustrator and graphic artist since 1984. I work out of my studio in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, which is just 3 hours north of Seattle, Washington State, USA. I have over 5 years training in illustration/graphic art and design and over 30 years work experience in the publishing industry as both a professional illustrator and a production/graphic artist.

1979-1981: Graduated from high school, and attended college full-time to study Fine Arts and Archaeology.

1981-1984: Worked full-time as an Archaeologist, both as an Archaeological excavator and a field artist. I also worked during the off season in the lab as an illustrator for various university and college professors on Archaeology site reports.

1984 -1989: Employed for five years as the in-house illustrator/graphic artist for Columbia Games Inc., a book and game publisher based in Vancouver, Canada, and was promoted to art director. I was responsible for creating virtually all of their book, board game and illustration artwork. I was also in charge of directing all of their freelance artists.

1989-1992: Enrolled into a full-time, three year Graphic Design & Illustration program. Graduated with the highest GPA in my class for the three years in a row and made the Dean's List while also working as a freelance illustrator to pay rent, living and school expenses.

1992 to present:I currently work as a full-time as a freelance illustrator/designer.

I have worked on many publishing projects over the last few years for a very a wide range of clients. I have worked on full color maps for magazine and brochure publication, woodcut/linocut art, cover art, and book, and game illustration, as well as logo art. I work with computer generated illustration,

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