Bob Runnicles Page

The complete run down of all the models and miniatures in the Bob Runnicles' Photos (photos 13-16):
The Building Models:
The plastic models are from the Snapdragon Studios range. Two of them use a separate front/back set which are interchangeable; viewing Photo 15, the buildings are as follows, starting on the left side of the road: Telegraph Office (small building in the top left), the Grand Hotel (Whitewash City), one of the separate Front/Back set, Sheriff's Office, another Front/Back set and then the Large Barn in the bottom left. On the right side of the road from the top are: Wells, Fargo and Co Shop, Gun Shop, then four Whitewash City buildings.

The Terrain:
The terrain uses four 2'x2' tiles from Total Systems Scenic in the UK, the road is a strip of brown felt (about $3 for a sq/yard from Walmart) and the trees are from various places (with my own 'bases' to help them stand).

The group of miniatures in Photo 16 are my local vigilante force led by the Chico Kid (cliché, I know, but it suits him). Figures used were all Foundry, either early Guernsey Foundry from the first release of Mark Copplestone's figures or the more recent Wargames Foundry offerings.

Overall the Snapdragon Studios buildings are slightly larger in scale than Whitewash City models, but we were pleasantly surprised at how well they all fitted in together and how good it all looked on the table.