Add-On Kit U: Wooden Crates & Lumber

   Wooden Crates and Lumber stacks were one of the top requests from customers so we have put together this set in response to our customer demands. Wooden Crates and Lumber stacks offer good cover for most skirmish games, as well as adding to the overall appearance of town setup.

   This Add-On Kit contains 40 boxes of varying sizes and two large stacks of lumber. (image shows the wooden crates & lumber full colour art page)

  PDF File Contains:
   Page 1: Color Art
   Page 2: Black Line Art
   Page 3: Assembly Instructions

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5 (Easy)
Time to Build: 30 Minutes

If you have a suggestion for a Whitewash City model that you would like to see as a future release, please contact:
            Eric Hotz