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Add-On Kit: T

Add-On Kit T: Town Set (1)
Wooden Chairs, the Town Clock, Communal Well, common signs, and two placard A-frame signs. A number of these items were from requests from a number of previous customers. In response, we have created this unique set of town items. This set will add to the overall appearance of any town setup!

This Add-On Kit contains 6 wooden chairs, 3 placard signs, a town well and a town clock and a few signs that one might find is a gold mining town (the town clock and the communal well are based on the real old west items).

Add-On Kit T Contains:

Page1: Color Art
Page 2: Black Line Art
Page 3: Assembly Instructions

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5 (Moderate*)
Time to Build: 45 Minutes

* The chairs can be a little delicate.

Photos of Floor Plans in Use