Add-On Kit T: Town Set (1)

   Wooden Chairs, the Town Clock, Communal Well, common signs, and two placard A-frame signs. A number of these items were from requests from a number of previous customers. In response, we have created this unique set of town items. This set will add to the overall appearance of any town setup!

   This Add-On Kit contains 6 wooden chairs, 3 placard signs, a town well and a town clock and a few signs that one might find is a gold mining town (the town clock and the communal well are based on the real old west items).
(image shows the Town Set (1) full colour art page)

  PDF File Contains:
   Page 1: Color Art
   Page 2: Black Line Art
   Page 3: Assembly Instructions

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5 (Moderate*)
Time to Build: 45 Minutes

* The chairs can be a little delicate.

If you have a suggestion for a Whitewash City model that you would like to see as a future release, please contact:
            Eric Hotz