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Add-On Kit: P

Add-On Kit P: Boot Hill (No.1): Wooden Headboards
Boot Hill is either a place you want to avoid, or a place you end up involuntarily after a botched bank robbery or jail break. Most town cemeteries were placed a fair way out of town, and in some cases, outside town limits. Strange as it seems, many town folk would spend a pleasant afternoon having a picnic near the cemetery -- spending a little time with their dearly departed.

This set represents the poorer class of resident, or drifter, who could only afford a wooden headboard. Most townfolf were buried with a simple wooden headboard. In the cases of drifters, expired gunfighters, etc., the town usually ended up paying for the burial and the headboard. In almost all cases, wooden headboards usually fell apart and rotted away within 20 or so years, leaving an unmarked, and usually, long forgotten grave.

Add-On Kit P Contains:

Page1: Color Art
Page 2: Black Line Art
Page 3: Assembly Instructions

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5 (Very Easy)
Time to Build: 15 Minutes

Photos of Floor Plans in Use