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Add-On Kit: O

Add-On Kit O: Right-Hand Railway Switches
Railway switches are a must if you intend to have a rail yard, or a rail siding in your Wild West town setup. Often railway stations had a rail-siding, which was used to park box cars/flat cars for loading and unloading. Rail-sidings could also end up at a warehouse district, cattle depot, mining processing plant, etc. The list is endless.

Example: A scheduled train would spend a few minutes dropping off an empty box car, and then at a later date, another train scheduled would come by to pick up the box car once it has been filled. The filled box car could now have mining ore, perhaps fruit destined for Eastern markets, etc.

Add-On Kit O Contains:

Page1: Color Art
Page 2: Black Line Art
Page 3: Assembly Instructions

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5 (Very Easy)
Time to Build: 15 Minutes

Photos of Floor Plans in Use