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Add-On Kit: M

Add-On Kit M: Extra Railway Parts
This Add-On Kit gives you a road crossing track, which were used to allow wagons, and foot traffic, a smooth surface to cross railway tracks, and this kit also gives you train switch track that allows for parallel siding track -- this is where the siding track runs parallel to the main track line (to be combined with Add-On Kit O). Also provided within this kit is an end of the line barricade. Barricades were used as a means to stop rolling stock from running off the track and was designed to withstand minor bumps and grinds of impact with slow moving freight cars.

Add-On Kit M Contains:

Page1: Color Art
Page 2: Black Line Art

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5 (Very Easy)
Time to Build: 15 Minutes

Photos of Floor Plans in Use