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Add-On Kit K: Hanging Laundry

   Add a little authenticity to your Wild West town with a few clotheslines of drying laundry! Although hanging laundry may not stop bullets, it is a great way to add a real looking and feeling element to your town setup.

   Just run a short thread between two adjacent building models, cutout a few pieces of laundry, fold the clothes/sheets over the clothesline and glue them together using white glue. Put in a few wrinkles and folds, here and there, and once the glue has dried, the wrinkles and folds will look real and be permanent. An easy-to-make, eye-catching addition to your town setup!

  PDF File Contains:
   Page1: Color Art
   Page 2: Black Line Art
   Page 3: Guide Lines/Instructions

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5 (Very Easy)
Time to Build: 45 Minutes (to make entire sheet)

If you have a suggestion for a Whitewash City model that you would like to see as a future release, please contact:
            Eric Hotz