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Add-On Kit B: The Gallows

   Add a conversation piece to your Wild West town! Although most gallows were removed from public view by the 1890's, they were still a reality well past the Old West period (Las Vegas removed their public gallows from the town center in February 1880 after a particularly bloody hanging incident where the town folk didn't wait to hang the victims, but instead shot them to pieces on the gallows before the ropes could even be tied! Either hanging was just too good for them, or they were just too impatient).

   The town gallows model is bound to turn a few heads when people come to look over your Wild West display. This will make a great "Hang'em High" gaming scenario! An easy-to-make, strikingly eye-catching addition to your town setup!

  PDF File Contains:
   Page1: Color Art
   Page 2: Black Line Art
   Page 3: Guide Lines/Instructions

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5 (Easy)
Time to Build: 45 Minutes

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