Add-On Kit A: Wanted Posters and More

   Wanted Posters are designed to be printed, cutout and placed to the sides of any building model you choose! You will definitely have fun with these!
Also included in this file is a grey-wood lean-to style shack, complete with roof, that is designed to be added to any Whitewash City buildings. This could be a small kitchen or just a storage shack. The other lean-to shack is designed as a replacement for the town Jail (Sheriff Office and Jail). This is used if you want to use the Sheriff Office as a different building in your town setup. Just replace the jail with this structure, and then add a sign or tow, from the optional Add-On Kits with signs. Your town can become as unique as you like!

  PDF File Contains:
   Page1: Color Art
   Page 2: Black Line Art

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5 (Easy)
Time to Build: 15 Minutes

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